Happy 5 year anniversary to this blog!

5 years ago I decided to start oversharing my life on the internet. I started this blog when I was living in NYC when I was running a ton as I wanted to document my training for different races (see my first post…I feel like I was a different person!). Since then, this has grown to a blog I update once a week to document my daily life and also reflect on random thoughts going on in my head. 🙂

This blog has followed all my life changes over the last 5 years: my early days of living in NYC where I struggled with loneliness, mustering up the courage to move from NYC to SF, meeting some amazing life-long friends, one too many crazy nights out with said friends, all my solo travel adventures over the last 5 years, a quarter life crisis, a career change, several years of being single and some crazy dating stories, eventually meeting my wonderful Joe, the struggles of living through COVID in 2020, and all the excitement for the future ahead!

This was the day I hopped on a one-way flight from NYC to SF to start my new life (May 2017).

Looking back, it’s crazy how much has happened in the last few years – I guess that is the rollercoaster of your 20s – but I am SO grateful this blog has been a constant through it all. I truly love sitting down each week to write and connect with you all. 5 years and several hundred posts later, I’m truly grateful for this little diary that has grown to one of the biggest treasures of my life.

As part of this anniversary, I wanted to share the 10 most popular posts over the last 5 years!

  1. Living in New York City vs San Francisco
  2. California International Marathon race recap
  3. East coast tour
  4. On the past few months: quarter life crisis
  5. Surfing and active trip in Sayulita, Mexico
  6. I have my life back + ocean beach adventure + another trip!
  7. Some thoughts in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  8. Cozy, outdoorsy weekend getaway in Mendocino, CA
  9. Last moments in NYC
  10. Urban backyard garden project in San Francisco

To those who continue to stop by my corner of the blogosphere, I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking interest and bearing with the random musings that swirl around my head. I’m truly grateful!!

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