Urban backyard garden project in San Francisco

Hi bogging friends!! Over the past few posts, I’ve been hinting at a special project we have been tirelessly working on: revamping Joe’s backyard garden. Before we began, there were tons of plants/trees/weeds everywhere, with lots of potential but no one to care for it. And so we took it upon ourselves to clean it up, make room for a flower garden, add a community herb garden, and organize a sitting area. We and the neighbors have been thrilled to see this space come to life!

I’m really excited to finally share this special update. We produced this video so you can see our progress in action (Joe is a super talented videographer). 🙂

Before this project, I was pretty intimidated to work with plants. As much as I loved being in nature, I was scared to be a plant-mom myself because I thought I would screw up! Then I met Joe who is a wonderful plant-dad (he raised dozens himself), and his passion rubbed off on me. He inspired me too take chances with our green friends and not be afraid of failure.

Seeing the backyard transform from overgrown weeds to a pleasant relaxing space has been the highlight of our quarantine. Not only am I proud of our hard work, but I’m so grateful to have a new hobby with Joe and an excuse to work with my hands. The entire project has been therapeutic and helps me be more present, versus just wishing this quarantine would be over. It has quite literally made me stop and smell the roses 🙂

Do you have any hobbies keeping you busy this quarantine? Please share!

5 thoughts on “Urban backyard garden project in San Francisco

  1. I love how covid-19 has changed our normal lifestyle where we get to try out new stuff and see things a little bit clearer and also change our normal routine and i believe its going to shape our lives to be better. I love your Garden and i hope its something you will continue to do. It can be very therapeutic.

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    1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree more on the quarantine shaping our lives for the better if we try. It is certainly making me not take things for granted.


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