I have my life back + ocean beach adventure + another trip!

Aloha!! 🙂 It’s been a wonderful few days over here. Last week was basically spent solidifying things for my new job, closing things out from my current, and thinking about what to do with my time in between…there was lots of planning and moving parts but things are finally settled.

My last day is this Friday at my job and it’s pretty bittersweet…I’m definitely leaving on a great note and couldn’t have asked for a better first job these past 3.5 years. All my closest friends from my NYC days are from work, and even though I know they will be lifelong friends, it feels like an end of an era!

But my eyes are looking forward and quite honestly, I’m more excited for something special I planned for my two weeks off between these jobs…

I’m going to Guatemala!!! And Mexico!!!

Another solo trip to Latin America, after just having come back from Colombia, ha. I already booked Mexico for Thanksgiving with the girls a while back, and I had a few days to kill before this trip…so why not go somewhere close-by for one last hurrah. Also, I remembered some of my backpacking friends from Colombia talking about their experiences hiking the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala – I reached out to one this week to get some advice and the decision was easy from there. Guatemala will have everything I’m looking for in a short trip: scenery, culture, relaxation, adventure…all while being right next door to Mexico – perfecto!

Life has been a complete 180 since I got my new job offer. I’ve been in such a good mood all week and feel like I finally have my life back again. Lots of catching up with friends + my body has been waking itself early every morning which is usually a good sign that I’m finally relaxed and healthy :), and so lots of running and yoga happened too,

The weekend was very low key. The California wildfires have hit again and so SF has been filled with smoke the past few days. I stayed indoors, planned my Central America trip, learning Spanish, and watched Narcos (which is 10x more interesting after having been to Colombia!)

The highlight of the weekend was Sunday, when I hung out with a friend from the kava bar, Artur. We were both sick of being trapped in our apartments and so we made it to Ocean Beach for some fresh air. The whole afternoon felt so nice and carefree; we ended up having an entire adventure from the beach, to eating dinner in the Sunset, and then ending up at the kava bar – which seemed appropriate since it’s both of our second homes. 😛

Sunset was to die for.

Next time I blog will be from Guatemala!!

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