WELCOME! My first blog post

Hello hello! I am SO excited to finally start my own blog. I’ve been following some awesome running blogs for years, and finally am taking the plunge for my own. Here we go!!

My life right now can be described in one word: anticipation. There is just SO much to look forward to these days! First up, I’m moving out of my Tribeca apartment in 8 DAYS (umm…so not prepared for this). I’ll be venturing on my own in Astoria starting in June – a HUGE step for me. As a moderate extrovert, I am a tad nervous about handling solo living…but Astoria is the heart of Queens, and I’m sure there will never be a dull moment. Also, I’ve lived in Manhattan for 5 years now, and know all the running spots inside out; I’m so excited to finally explore new routes in the Burroughs, get out of this posh neighborhood/building (helloooo laundromat life), and make my new crib my own!


Enjoying a cold blue moon on a friend’s roof top yesterday in Long Island City. NYC decided yesterday was officially the start of summer as it hit over 90 DEGREES.

Another thing to look forward to…CAPE MAY TOMORROW!!! This weekend is Memorial Day, and I’m hitting up the shore with my best friend in the whole world, Michelle. We’ll be celebrating our 10 year friendiversary over some much needed beach time, parasailing, endless wine, and romantic walks around the Cape. She is hands down my travel soulmate. Last summer, we backpacked together for two months around Europe, and it was absolutely one of the greatest experience of my life. This is our first trip since then, and I cannot wait to make new memories with this girl.

The rest of my anticipated events are somewhat up in the air. I’m currently solidifying race plans for this summer – (a triathalon is likely next!) – but more on that for another post. I’m also in the process of booking other summer trips as well: Miami with my soon-to-be-ex roommates, Boston with my brother, hiking, weekend trip with the work crew, and Iceland with one of my best friends Christine! I can’t express my excitement. Sometimes, planning for things are the funnest part 😉

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