11 year friendiversary in Cape May

This weekend felt like a dream. 1) There was an overwhelming feeling in me of bliss the entire weekend. Nonstop laughter with Michelle, so many memorable moments when all I felt was peace and happiness; and 2) it went by in a blink of an eye. It’s always a little odd to come back to my apartment seeing everything exactly the same.

My soul is rejooved. Here we go:


We started off on a roadtrip! Okay…some would say 180 miles doesn’t constitute a roadtrip, but when a 3 hr drive turns into 5 hours, that does it for me. Lots of stops along the way for traffic, junk food, stretching, and pee breaks! (2 girls with very small bladders…)13310629_10153447121601249_1797500383695979525_n.jpg

We arrived in our airbnb and wow, it could NOT have been more perfect. Michelle and I are both huge fans of airbnb – the concept of sharing someone’s home, living like a local, and affordability. I will happily endorse airbnb. This was the 5th one we’ve stayed in together and by far our favorite: quirky fish decorations, near the beach and town, and coffee waiting for us at the door (I’m an easy girl to please…).

First thing we did was hit up the beach! Dark, isolated, peaceful, just us two sitting on the lifeguard chair watching the stars and listening to the waves.

13307204_10153447122101249_1214348935246606374_n (1).jpg


For the record, Michelle and I LOVE LOVE LOVE beach days. Like, a lot. We’ve done countless beach days together and I must say, we’ve proudly nailed them to the T. Everything from tanning rotations, pacing our drinking, alternating swimming while the other watches our bags, flattering photoshoots – we know each other so well and beach days are just so much fun for us. This was no exception.




By far, the biggest treat was when we were chilling on these rocks, and someone pointed out “look at those dolphins!”. We turn, and THERE THEY WERE. Beautiful, dark gray, majestic crew of dolphins swimming right before our eyes. We stood there for 20 minutes pointing and squealing.

Ironically, as much as I brag about nailing beach days…we both got INCREDIBLY sun burnt. We totally underestimated the UV in NJ (northeast can’t be that bad right?). We spent the night applying aloe and watching Bridesmaids. #win

Day 3: Parasailing, beach, beer tasting, beach, beach

Parasailing is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. It’s the closest I’ll ever feel to flying, because 1) it’s not adrenaline-inducing. You aren’t going fast and can enjoy the ride rather than crapping your pants from nerves 2) the harness was loose and very non-constricting…so it truly feels like you’re soaring like a bird 🙂



Afterwards, we hit up the beach again, this time in dresses as we didn’t want to make our burns worse. We took a romantic walk along the shore ❤


Then…beer tasting! Too much fun. The tour itself was a snore, but Michelle and I had a blast pretending to be cultured and trying these awesome flavors with even more awesome names: the bog, beets by may, devil’s reach, and bringing sexy bock


Afterwards, we hit up the beach/Cape May Lighthouse to watch the sunset. We then drove back to the airbnb, drank some beers, and returned to the beach with our lantern to hang out some more. Can you tell we love the beach?


Day 4: Roadtrip round 2

Woke up not hungover…WIN! 6 hour drive this time. Thank GOD for Burger King milk shakes.

And that was it. In a blink of an eye, our perfect little getaway was over. So grateful for having the time to take this trip, for every perfect moment and bump that came our way, and for my soulmate to share it with 🙂

Happy 11 years of friendship!!

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