Mini-golf birthday celebration + day trip to Six Flags + Memorial Day barbecue + exploring the sunny Mission

Happy first day of June!! I have a lot to share as we packed a lot of activities last week and Memorial Day weekend. Originally Joe and I had a weekend trip booked to Lassen Volcano National Park, but last minute we decided to cancel and stay in San Francisco instead (we were “volcano-ed out” after Hawaii and didn’t want to go somewhere even colder than SF!). I’m SO glad we did because the sun was finally out over the weekend and we were able to do a lot of fun things right here at home.

Even though we celebrated Joe’s birthday the previous weekend, Joe’s actual birthday was last Wednesday, so I planned a birthday date for us at Urban Putt, an indoor mini golf course in the Mission. It was our first time mini-golfing in the city and it turned out to be a fun date idea! There were 13 courses in total that were pretty small (since there’s not a lot of real estate in the city) but it made up in its quirkiness and creative courses.

Urban Putt SF

There was even a course where you shoot the ball out of this submarine-like steering wheel. πŸ˜›

On top of mini golfing, there was a nice upstairs area with surprisingly good food and drinks. If you live in SF, I highly recommend Urban Putt for a fun and unique date night!

Urban Putt food and drinks

Onto the long weekend. One of the highlights was taking a day trip to Six Flags on Saturday. The park was in Vallejo (1 hour from SF). Joe and I have been dying to check it out, and after finding out they recently reopened, we jumped at the opportunity. πŸ™‚ Overall the park was smaller than other Six Flags I’d been to, but the rides were still excellent. They left a lot of seats empty on the rides for social distancing, which meant the lines moved ~2x slower than usual, so I recommend getting the flash-pass if you can! (We didn’t this time but probably will next time.)

Six Flags Vallejo

We felt like kids again being giddy at the rides. Joe and I love rollercoasters, so we tried to find the most intense ones. I hadn’t been on a rollercoaster in like 6 years and I will say…I’m definitely not 21 anymore. πŸ˜› These rides wiped me out and I definitely needed to take a break after each one! I may have even puked after one of them…I still had a blast. πŸ™‚

Six Flags Vallejo

There were other activities in the park like watching different sea animals. We saw dolphins, penguins, and even got to feed these sea lions.

Sea lions at six flags
Feeding sea lions

Six Flags was such a highlight and we are definitely hoping to be back!

On Sunday, we got invited to an impromptu barbecue at Jeff and Kayla’s new apartment in the Haight. It was our usual group of friends who we haven’t seen in a few months. The weather was gorgeous and the perfect day for an outdoor barbecue. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and share our excitement about upcoming weddings, parties, etc. Summer is always a packed time for this group since somehow all the girls have our birthdays in the summer months, so there’s a lot to look forward to πŸ™‚

Friends at Memorial Day barbecue in the Haight

The rest of the weekend was filled with chasing the sun. Joe and I had another day in the Mission since it’s always warmer in that neighborhood. We got ice cream and relaxed at Dolores Park and also did some shopping on Valencia Street.

Ice cream from bi-rite at dolores park
Plant store on Valencia St

And of course, dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, West of Pecos. Their queso is to die for. πŸ™‚

West of pecos sf

I’m glad we had a packed week of fun because this upcoming week will be the complete opposite…I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out this Friday which means not a lot will be happening around here for some time while I recover. πŸ˜›

Be well, my friends!

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