Wisdom teeth recovery + new roommate + Goldfish concert

Hey everyone! It’s so nice to be blogging again. I took a week off last week since I was recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery. Unfortunately the recovery process has been pretty difficult to be honest. Recovery has been more than just my mouth as it feels like my whole body is involved! I was honestly expecting to go back to normal after 3 days…but It’s been 10 days and I’m still dealing with a lot of pain and sleepless nights. At this stage I’m just trying to stay positive and trust the process. 🙂

The absolute highlight over the last 2 weeks was getting a new feline roommate! Joe has two cats who unfortunately do not get along, so we’ve talked about splitting them for a while now. I get along better with the boy (Ben) and the girl (Ellie) is more attached to Joe, so last week we brought Ben over to start living with me. He was a little nervous at first but I can tell he’s in cat heaven in this new environment. Ben is so adventurous and playful, and I love having a little buddy to keep me company especially while I’ve been recovering at home. ❤

Cat in Haight apartment

We did sneak in one fun activity over the weekend, and that was a Goldfish concert at The Midway. Our friends, Martin and Lisa, had extra tickets for their table and invited us to join. I discovered Goldfish a few years ago in a yoga class so was I was somewhat familiar, but we were mostly there for the socializing and good vibes.

Friends at the Midway

Joe and I have gone to a few parties at the Midway during COVID, but this time was like none other. San Francisco has basically reached herd immunity, and with restrictions loosened it really felt like we were back to pre-COVID times. Everyone was dancing around having a good time, and with the super long sunlight hours it was the perfect upbeat vibes we were looking for. Plus it was fun sharing a table with Martin and Lisa and having a crew this time.

Goldfish at the Midway
Couple at Midway SF

Other than that, we kept things pretty low key over the last two weeks. Luckily there have been pockets of warmth (which is rare for SF summer), so we’ve spent lots of time strolling through Golden Gate park.

Walking through botanical garden SF

And of course, I’m very much enjoying the freshly cut flowers that Joe picks for me from his garden. They are coming in nonstop so I basically get a fresh batch every few days. 🙂

Fresh cut flowers

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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