Spark Social work event + when you get the date wrong + bougie bridal shower picnic for Kayla

Hello friends and happy Monday! My wisdom teeth recovery has really come along and I finally feel like myself again. There is a massive heat wave on the west coast right now which means SF reached a whopping 70 degrees last week, so I was fortunate to have a lovely week filled with long walks any chance I got.

One thing that kept me engaged during these walks was downloading/subscribing to Audible, the audio book app. I’m almost done with The Magnolia Story by the Fixer Upper couple, and I absolutely love it! Audio books are going to be my favorite thing for a while 🙂

Audible The Magnolia Story

By the time the weekend came around, I was ready to fill it with fun activities after 2 weeks of antisocial recovery. First up on Friday, I helped plan a work event with Carmina (my best friend from work). We got our two teams together for a casual hang-out at Spark Social, a huge outdoor space filled with SF’s largest collection of food trucks. The event ended up being a HUGE hit as everyone was so happy to see each other in person for the first time in a year. It honestly made me excited to return to the office full time in the fall. 🙂

Hot day at Spark Social SF

In addition to the food trucks, we also had s’mores that we roasted over the fire pits. Let me tell you, it was a struggle standing next to a fire in 75 degree weather. 😛

S'mores at Spark Social

Funny story…on Saturday, Joe and I were excited to go to a burner/deep house festival that has been on my calendar for weeks. We got dressed up and showed up and no one was there! Turns out they changed the date last minute and I didn’t check on it…womp. At least we have something to look forward to in August.

Burner outfit

We turned the day around and got bahn mi sandwiches and had a picnic at Golden Gate Park instead. It was actually nice to have a low key day as I needed the time to recover after yesterday and before another activity tomorrow.

napping at Golden Gate Park

On Sunday, the main event was throwing a bridal shower for Kayla. She is getting married July 4th weekend and it’s a much anticipated event with our group of friends. First wedding post-COVID = it’s bound to get lit. The girls planned the bridal shower at Crissy field (and by the girls, I mean Princess who did all the work…she’s always the one thinking of others!).

Bridal shower with girlfriends at Crissy Field

We went all out and hired a company to set up this beautiful, bougie arrangement. After a year of social distancing picnics, this one felt particularly special. I loved the clean, comfy arrangement…very instagram worthy.

White and elegant outdoor picnic set up for bridal shower
Bougie outdoor picnic set up for bridal shower

To save some money, we all pitched in and brought food. We had quite the spread!

desserts for bridal shower
Charcuterie mason jar

We passed the time by having our usual fun-loving conversations and also playing games. I’m so grateful for this group of girls that I’ve known for 4 years now. We’ve seen each other go through new jobs, new apartments, new pets, singlehood, breakups, family loss, proposals, weddings, and more!

After the picnic, we took a short drive to the Marina (aka where I lived for 3.5 years) to Palm House for some more drinks. All of our partners joined this portion and it was fun to have the guys there too. We ordered a few of these massive punch bowls which topped off the perfect weekend. Also, San Francisco finally opened up all mask restrictions completely this week (we are late to the game even though SF has been SO safe…one reason I’m grateful for living here during the pandemic) so this was my first time at a bar without any mask! It felt weird but liberating, like we are coming out this thing.

punch bowl at Palm House

This summer sure is flying but I’m grateful for every moment so far. ❤

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