Keepin’ it real in peak week + live art and surprise birthdays + upcoming month of travel + week 15 of marathon training

This was the highest mileage week of the training cycle at 38 miles! Not gonna lie, I felt a lot of pressure the whole week. The daunting 20 miles was coming up and I felt like there was no cushion to fail. I chose a 2-week taper versus 3- 4 weeks as lots of runners do, and so I felt like I needed to nail this 20 miles or I wouldn’t be ready for the race…

Luckily, all my runs this week went wonderfully. On Saturday, it was time for 20 miles. As usually, I ran the first hour without music to think and get my mind bored. When it was time to put in my headphones, I realized I forgot to charge them. They were completely DEAD.

I freaked out for, like, 10 seconds…but I quickly went into “oh what a fun challenge, let’s see if I can do this” mode. And so, I ran 20 whole miles without music – an all time record for me (my longest run without music was a half marathon). It actually went better than I thought it would, maybe because I was pretty anxious the whole time wondering if I could actually do this, and so when I finished it, I felt super accomplished. I surprised myself by having so much jumbling around in my brain that I could entertain myself for that long. I BETTER be ready for this marathon now!

Coming out of this peak week, I have mixed emotions. A part of me is feeling sad that this is all coming to an end. But a bigger part of me is really relieved that the hardest weeks of the marathon cycle is over, and quite honestly, feeling a slight “let’s get this over with” about the race. Then the biggest part of me feels guilty for feeling this way…I’m usually a lot more excited for my marathons, and I can’t figure out why time I’m so lukewarm…

Just keepin’ it real.

Now onto life stuff. This was the longest week I’ve had at work yet, and after crazy packed work days I had commitments every single evening. I’ve started tutoring weekly which is going wonderfully! Another highlight was seeing a friend who I met in Guatemala who recently moved to SF. We caught up at the kava bar – what better way to introduce him to my version of this city 😉

Another highlight was on Thursday, all the girls got together for a “live art” charity event that Princess helped organize. We all first got dinner at Dumping Time and then headed over in our fancy cocktail attire. It was a huge blast – most of the crowd was not super artsy which made it feel less intimidating than usual art events. There was a silent auction, live art, aerial dancers, communal art pieces, and even an astrologer who did sign readings for us. A really unique event out of our ordinary hangouts which I appreciated.

After a very busy and social week, I kept the weekend on the low-key end with some usual SF activities. The 20-miler took up most of Saturday, and afterwards Ben, Anna and I hung out on the Fort Mason lawn and checked out an artisan craft fair nearby. We enjoyed some gin-and-tonics and all the beautiful homemade crafts.

In the evening, the girls got together again and we threw Sarah a surprise birthday party. Sarah is in obsessed with spam, and so this Hawaiian spot that served cocktails in spam containers was the perfect, whimsical spot. The group had a hilarious time over our 3-hour meal – happy birthday Sarah!!

On Sunday, I hopped on my scooter and checked out a flea market in the Sunset. I usually never venture out there but there are a ton of unique spots in this affordable, less gentrified part of SF. I love that my scooter makes this city feels smaller as it’s so convenient (and free) to go on these adventures.

This week I’ll be heading to the east coast! I have a day out in D.C. for work, and then I’m spending the rest of the week in my hometown in upstate New York for Easter. As much as I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, I’m also a bit anxious as this week marks the start of my busy month of travel: work trips, Easter at home, marathon in Oregon, and the biggest of all…a solo trip to SRI LANKA end of May!!! –> The big reveal 🙂 the flight is all booked and that is it! I’m going to wing the rest in my usual solo travel way ;).

Lots of excitement and nerves for this upcoming travel. When I started my new job 4 months ago, I was pretty scared of getting bored from routine (my old job was in consulting so I traveled a lot and had a lot of freedom). But now that I’m settled, I absolutely LOVE my new life as it’s given me the opportunity to connect with friends, feel more rooted in San Francisco, and commit to activities like volunteer tutoring. And so, I’m actually feeling sentimental leaving SF since it feels like I’m putting my life on pause…

Those feelings aside, a really huge part of me is super stoked to shake things up and experience all the growth that will happen these next few weeks. Many of my most defining moments have been on the road, and so I’m going in with an open heart. My goal is to be completely present and not just plan ahead for the future as my mind naturally does. This year is flying by I know I’ll probably look back thinking this was a unique, exciting period.


Week 15 of marathon training

Monday: 5 miles (10:15 pace). Boy I wish every run could feel this amazing. I felt energized with fresh muscles after recovery week.

Tuesday: 8 miles (10:10 pace). Super strong run with amazing highs all over. Feeling like this is strong running week.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5 miles. Strong run overall with some soreness in my legs.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 20 miles with no music!

Sunday: REST

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