Life energy + Spark Social evening + weeks 13 and 14 of marathon training

Something that has been on my mind is life energy

The beginning of the week was a bit emotional for me as I was circling through negative thoughts over a situation. I am the definition of a worry-er. I tend to stress about every little detail of my life –> you would laugh if I told you the things I worry about.

I think the worst possible advice you can tell a worry-er is to STOP WORRYING. But this week, I got some great advice about being mindful of how we spend our life energy. When we worry, we are giving our energy to someone/something else, when that time and energy can be used to nourish ourselves. I thought this was a beautiful twist to the simple “stop worrying” in that we do have control over our thought process and how we allocate our life energy. After all, our time is what life is made out  of…so better not waste it. 🙂

Saturday: Short long run + goodbye Dom at Spark Social

Let’s talk about running. Coming out of a strong last week, this week was the complete opposite. My body felt like junk every day and I even swapped my 8-miler on Tuesday for a yoga class. For Saturday, I had 14 miles on the plan which I thought would be a piece of cake after conquering a few 15-18 milers…but it was a complete disaster. My mind and body could not find center and the whole time I felt like I couldn’t get a full breath…and so I decided to cut my run short to 10 miles.

The old me would have been super hard on myself for skipping so many miles this week…and although I know there’s much value in pushing yourself through tough runs, I’m feeling at peace with how this week went. Maybe it comes with age or experience with more marathons, but I’m just over putting so much pressure on myself with training life I use to do. And on the theme of life energy, why spend time worrying about the outcome of race day when what will happen will happen.

I know in the grand scheme of the hundreds of miles I’m logging, skipping a few runs for the sake of self care and listening to my body will be much more beneficial for me. And hey, 10 miles is better than 0 miles!

Afterwards, some recovery + chilling at Kava lounge. The place was pretty empty for a Saturday which was perfect for catching up with my favorite barista friend, Joanna. We hashed out everything on our minds and Joanna even got me started on doing my own tarot card readings. ❤

In the evening, Rene, Anna, Ben and I headed over to Spark Social to send off one of Rene’s best friends (Dom) who is moving back to Guam. We’ve gotten to know Dom pretty well over the past 2 years and it was a nice to see her and the Guam crew again for her farewell!

This was my first time at Spark Social and I LOVED it. SF has a ton of food truck parks but this was by far my favorite. There’s a lot of open space and a grass field despite being in an industrial part of town. Dom reserved a fire pit for our group and we roasted marshmallows around the fireplace while enjoying different food truck eats.

The gathering really hit the spot, bonding with old friends and new. At this point, I’ve hung out with Rene’s massive Guam crew a few times and each time they are so inclusive and fun. Dom is usually the center of the fun so it sure is sad to see her go!

The rest of the group went onto another bar after Spark Social, but Ben + Anna and I decided to say goodbye and take a little stroll together. It’s interested how a year ago I would have done whatever it took to stay out with the group until closing, but now I’m totally fine with ending the night early, drinking less, all for a worthy return of having a productive next day and avoiding a hangover!

Sunday: Typical Sunday

Sunday was filled with the all the usuals. I woke up and continued my new obsession of a TV show: Terrace House. Then I took a walk outside, went grocery shopping, ate lunch…beginning of the week + new groceries = trying to eat healthy, at least for a few days!

The afternoon consisted of…you guessed it, kava! Rene joined me this time as she’s been dying to check out this place I always talk about. It was treat showing Rene my secret spot and introducing her to my kava friends. Rene also landed a new job after returning from her 6-month solo trip so we were all stoked for her!

After Rene left, I stayed a bit longer to catch up on blogging and other computer errands since this coming week is going to be packed between work + some fun evening events + getting ready for some upcoming travel. Everything is feeling super crazy and time is speeding by, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


Training log

Week 13

Monday: 5 miles. Felt very bleh, typical for the first run of the week.

Tuesday: 8 miles (10:45 pace) on the Presidio trails. Felt really refreshing being on the trails and seeing the sunrise. I had a moment of “I can’t believe there’s only 4 week of training left…”. Going to soak in every mile left of this cycle.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5 miles (10:45 pace) with no music. Honestly woke up NOT excited to run and that carried throughout.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 18 miles through my favorite long run path, including Lands End. Felt strong throughout, despite feeling dead the last 6 miles. Overall very happy about this run.

Sunday: REST

Week 14

Monday: 5 miles. Decided to run without music since I had a lot of thoughts to unpack from the weekend.

Tuesday: REST –> I had 8 miles on the plan but my mind and body were not into running at all. I felt a rest day would be better for me.

Wednesday: 60 minute yoga class

Thursday: 5 miles after work. This was my first run this WHOLE year NOT in the morning. It actually felt pretty nice!

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10 miles (9:50 pace). I had 14 miles on the plan.

Sunday: REST

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