An uplifting week + Dolo day + things I can’t wait for

This week was a nice one. Nothing super significant or out-of-the-ordinary happened, just several little things strung together to make the entire week an uplifting one :).

Rene and I had a work-from-home date on Tuesday. We spent all day at my favorite cafe in the Marina, and it was BEYOND refreshing to have another human with me during my usual solitary work days. We had the perfect balance of being productive, while goofing off and distracting each other. It was such a success that Rene and I decided to make it a weekly thing! I also inspired me to check out other cafes in SF –> my favorite was this cute outdoor patio cafe, Arlequin, in Hayes Valley 🙂

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS this week which meant lots of running happened.

And lots of walks too around the city too 🙂

On Thursday, me + Kim + her roommates had a fun night in filled with drinking wine, eating pizza, and catching up over the past few weeks. Kim is a ball of hilariousness and she always has her share of fun stories to share. Being with Kim is an instant recipe for positive energy.

The highlight of the sunny weekend was a picnic with the girl gang at Dolores Park on Saturday. Flashback to last summer when we did “Dolo” picnics almost every weekend. It felt like the entire city came out to enjoy the gorgeous weather – every inch of the grass was filled with booze, music, and good vibes.

After the picnic, Anna, Rene, Sarah and I walked over to the Castro for a sing-a-long showing of Grease. I was a little skeptical about the event at first, but it turned out to completely exceed my expectations. The entire theater lit up with people’s voices and laughter, and we had a such a ball letting loose to one of my favorite musicals 🙂

Funny story: I went to the bathroom and came back to what I thought was my seat…I was singing and talking to the group next to me thinking it was the girls – turns out I was in the wrong seat the whole time! I was there for like 20 minutes, so embarrassing!

On Sunday, some of the girls got together again for a boozy brunch at one of our new favorite spots: Fillmore Social Club. Afterwards, Whitney and I walked around Japan Town where there was a Cherry Blossom Festival. Then the rest of the day was lazily spent binge watching Wild Wild West (about the Oregon cult in the 80’s, super hooked!)

I got an iPad! Blogging on it right now :). It was finally time to get my own computer/tablet since I’ve been using my work computer for everything since graduating college, ha. Also, I decided I want to blog during my Thailand trip this time, versus dropping a bunch of posts after the trip like I usually do, and an iPad seemed like the perfect choice. I am absolutely LOVING it!

I’m in the home stretch of studying…one week to go! This final stage always feels like the calm before the storm. I finally feel at peace with whatever the result because I truly believe this will be my best effort, and I’m proud to have made it to this point.

I was thinking about all the things I’m so excited to do after my exam…here’s a list of them!

8 things I’m excited to do after my exam

1. Mornings runs –> the #1 thing I miss the most. I’m a morning person and have been monopolizing that extra brain power for morning studying. I can NOT wait for my early A.M. runs again!

2. On that note, having extra time in the mornings to walk to work versus taking the bus. Walking is my favorite form of transportation and I MUCH prefer taking the extra 20 minutes to walk to the office versus the MUNI (when I have time)!

3. Quality time with friends. Making up for lost time and what not.

4. Training for a race this summer! (I have my eyes on a few 😉 )

5. Dating again…ha, I’ve put this part of my life on hold while studying but I’m actually excited to start meeting new people and going on dates again!

6. Long summer days. Flashback to last summer when every evening after work I would walk around the city –> watching the sunset in the Marina = perfection.

7. I’m planning a mini-party/happy hour for RIGHT after my exam. All my favorite people in SF + drowning in booze = the perfect celebration.

8. And the day after…I fly to THAILAND!!

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