Just another weekend in SF

This week was madness.

Funny enough, it came right after writing my last post on how I’ve been trying to live a balanced life style, because last week did not have any of that. Piles and piles of work + squeezing in studying every minute I could find + on top of that…MAJOR insomnia. Isn’t it crazy how you can do something so many times (this will be my 11th sitting!) and it still feels just as nerve-wrecking as the first time? You bet I mean it when I say I am counting each and every day until this exam (2 weeks to go!!)

Microwave meals have been my best friend. I even got a subscription to Freshly (they ship healthy microwavable meals right to your door…talk about lazy of all laziness) for this home stretch – they make my life SO much easier and are actually VERY tasty! I usually add some fresh vegetables + eggs + multivitamins to sneak in some extra nutrition πŸ™‚


By Thursday, I was running on less than 12 hours of sleep for the entire week (plus lots of coffee + adrenaline)…and so my body crashed and I finally got a good night’s sleep that night. Just in time to make me start feeling myself for the weekend. So let’s talk about that πŸ™‚


After a looong week, I wanted nothing more than to get some human interaction and unwind over a few drinks, and so me, Anna, Rene, and Sarah headed over to Jones’s (my favorite outdoor bar in SF). It was a warm night, perfect for chilling outside, filled with positive and relaxing vibes – just what we all needed.


During drinks, Rene dropped the bomb on us that she is leaving in July! She’s quitting her job and taking off for 6 months to travel. I was so IMPRESSED by her sense of adventure, but of course will be super sad to see her go. I get a bit sentimental thinking about all the changes happening this summer – Whitney is also leaving us for med school! The girls and I have already started planning a super packed summer with trips/activities almost every weekend. Gotta squeeze as much as we can before parting ways ❀


I woke up Saturday morning and went straight to studying. I had a whole practice exam to tackle before moving onto the day’s fun shenanigans.

In the afternoon, our big group of girls and some plus one’s got together for happy hour at Scopo Divino, our go-to wine spot lately. $1 happy hour oysters + discounted wine from Princess’s membership make it a no brainer πŸ˜‰


Afterwards, we moved on over to Janice’s apartment right next door to continue chilling. We cracked open a few more bottles of wine, played Code Names, listened to music, and ordered pizza.


(This dress is from Julia! She handed me down a bunch of super cute clothes this week πŸ™‚ )

The sun went down, and a few people went their separate ways. Whitney and I still had energy in us and so we headed over to her apartment in Nob Hill to kill some time, get changed, and have some one-on-one time. We hadn’t seen each other in only two weeks and yet had so much to catch up on. I saw this shopping list on her/Princess’s fridge and laughed #adulting.


Then we headed back over to Jones’s (same place as last night…can you tell it’s my favorite?) to hang out with her college friends who I’ve been getting to know recently too. Matt also joined and it was the perfect blend of old and new friends. I mentioned this last week but I just LOVE how our group is into day-partying because it gets me to bed by midnight…


…Which was just was I needed – another full night sleep. I got a later start to studying on Sunday due to pure laziness. I finally made my way to my favorite study spot in the Marina, Chestnut Coffee Roastery, for the afternoon.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and re-watching House of Cards. Catching a bit of down time before heading back into the study storm this week.

Happy Monday!

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