The day is finally here

Exam #7 is tomorrow. I can’t believe the day is finally here! To say I am completely burnt out is an understatement. I am SO ready to get this test over with and start a new completely chapter of my life, starting with immediately flying to Thailand 🙂

This final week was a good balance of studying + relaxing alone + catching up with friends in the evenings. Days were filled with basically rotating between my 4 favorite cafes in SF. All these hours spent in cafes over the past few weeks have made them feel a bit like home. I’ve gotten to know the baristas and workers, and it’s been kind of nice waking up every day and having this the only thing to worry about…

The biggest update from the week is that I spontaneously booked another leg to my post-exam vacation. Right after Thailand, I’ll be flying to Tulum for a week with Rene and some new girlfriends! When Rene mentioned this fun trip + having an extra plane ticket…I immediately thought “YES PLEASE” and booked everything within the hour! I was looking for Memorial Day plans and this already-planned trip just fell on my shoulder like a perfect sign…and just like that, my 3 week adventure has turned into 4.

If there is one thing that Rene is amazing at, it is planning fabulous trips to newly up-and-coming destinations (she’s going on a 6-month solo adventure starting this summer if that says enough). She was my inspiration for doing my Thailand trip after hearing about her solo adventure there a few years ago. As if I needed more to look forward to after this exam, I am beyond STOKED for all the adventures following!!!

Later that day, Rene and I visited an art gallery event at Fort Mason. It was a beautiful, sunny evening, and so we grabbed a glass of champagne and enjoyed the wide array of art. It was so nice going to this thing with Rene since we both have the same level of interest in art (being around a 3 out of 10)…but we actually had such a blast looking at and talking through everything together. Fort Mason is just a beautiful, inviting place, and so the whole gallery had a very non-pretentious vibe – perfect for the two of us 🙂

Friday was a fun one as Grace, Kim and I got together for dinner at 1706 on Polk Street. Kim ALWAYS picks the yummiest spots in SF and this one was no different. We shared 5 plates together and everything was oh-so perfectly delicious. Kim also told us that she got a new job at Google and so we were celebrating that!

For the first time probably ever since creating this blog, I have absolutely nothing to report from this weekend. I wanted to spend most of it alone to get some final review in, to relax, run, practice yoga, take walks, watch a movie, lay on the grass in the park…I did visit the Marina guys on Sunday evening to get some human interaction, but overall the solitary weekend was just what I needed to mentally prepare for tomorrow.

So here we are. I can’t believe this day is finally here. Wish me luck tomorrow! Following the exam, I will be celebrating with all my favorite friends SF over happy hour, and then I’m off to Thailand + Tulum (I will be blogging) 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

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