FREEDOM + post-exam fiesta + off to Thailand!

Hey guys!! This will be a quick post.

Just wanted to check in and say that all limbs are attached. All is well, I made it! It’s hard to feel confident after these exams but all I can say is that the second I put my pen down, it felt like 800 pounds had been lifted off of my heart. I am so beyond RELIEVED to have this done and DONE after 6 months of studying, my longest season yet! I’m seriously the happiest person in the world right now.

Right after the exam, all the girls and then some got together for a fiesta. We met at Biergarten in Hayes Valley, and outdoor beer garden famous for their 1-liter beers. They were YUGE. The whole thing warmed my heart completely, being with all my favorite people in SF who were so supportive and who seemed just as excited as I was to celebrate.




It’s a bit bittersweet leaving for my one-month trip right away. A big part of me wants to keep spending time with loved ones here in SF, make up for lost time and what-not, but I’ve also been thinking about this solo trip for months and MONTHS and I can’t believe it’s finally here. ❤

Contrary to the way I live the rest of my life, I am SUCH a last minute packer and am usually grabbing things as I go out the door. Today was a bit of a scramble running around the city and getting everything together, but I’m finally ready to go!!


Have a FABULOUS one :).

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