Apartment makeover + dancing date night + our new regular thing

And just like that, another week passes and it’s Monday again! Last week was one of those weeks that felt like a month crammed into 7 days. The main reason was because I went to D.C. for work. I’ve been going to the east coast every month for a whole year now so it’s become like automatic clockwork, but all the coast-to-coast travel still knocks the wind out of me and I’m always SO grateful to be back in SF!

Business woman in suit

By the time the weekend hit, I was so happy to reunite with Joe and hit the ground running with a looong list of errands…all centered around my apartment. My old roommate of 3 years moved out last week and so I had plenty to do to deep clean, replace furniture, and spruce up the ol’ place!

First stop: Home Depot. It was pretty hilarious going there and observing Joe. Home Depot is basically his Disney Land as he sped walk around the store, wide-eyes and “ooo”-ing and “ahh-ing at everything. ❤

Home improvement shopping

Next step: IKEA. I hadn’t stepped foot in an IKEA since graduating college and getting my first NYC apartment, but this time around was so much more fun! I think it’s a product of getting older, but Joe and I genuinely loved critiquing the store’s pre-arranged set ups and day-dreaming about a future home. We probably stayed twice as long as we needed to just browsing around. 😛

Furniture shopping

The IKEA trip was SO worth it. I basically replaced my entire kitchen and more all for $300! Can you tell we went a little overboard? 😛

The best part of IKEA (and motivation to go back in the future)…the food! Joe and I went a little overboard eating lunch at the cafeteria. The chocolate cake was to die for.

IKEA food

After a morning of productive shopping, we headed back to my apartment and got straight to work. Joe won the best boyfriend award by volunteering to deep-clean my bathroom and clean my carpet. It was in bad shape and I’m embarrassed to admit how long it had been since we last cleaned it. He did such an amazing job and I was so grateful for his help!!

While Joe scrubbed away, I built a table and some chairs for my kitchen. Time flew by and before I knew it, it felt like I had a brand new apartment. 🙂

We finished cleaning in the late afternoon and was pooped! We took a few hours to rest before quickly gaining energy again to hit the town. I love that Joe and I are similar in that we are both pretty high-energy, and after a productive day like we had, we were motivated to do even MORE.

After some brainstorming, we decided to go down to the Mission for a night of dancing! I had been dying to go back to West of Pecos, one of my favorite Tex-mex spots known for their puffy tacos. The margarita felt so good after a day of hard work.

Margarita date

After dinner, we hit up a nearby bar to continue the drinks, and then we hit up my favorite dancing bar, Blondie’s. We got there around 9:30pm which was such a good decision because we missed the crazy lines and got a whole spot on the dance floor just for ourselves. The last time Joe and I went out dancing in the Mission was our first date, and it felt nostalgic but also like a whole different comfort phase in our relationship to go out partying together again. It was such a blast dancing away and it was just the night we were looking for. ❤

Dancing night in the mission sf

Sunday started off with sleeping in and easing into the day with a big cup of coffee. We decided to take it easy and trade in our usual outdoorsy adventures for a leisurely stroll through Noe Valley. After going to the Noe Valley spa last weekend, it was such a hit that we were dying to go back again.

Seeing Noe during the day was such a treat. The neighborhood really lit up in the sunlight. The main street is pretty small and we pursued in and out of the different shops with some Burmese food for lunch.

Then we hit up the spa for a massage and hot tub time! It was even better the second time around and it already felt like we were regulars. Joe and I said we would be making this our thang 😉

Spa day

And that was my week in a nutshell. 🙂 Lots of productivity but also relaxation and treating myself after the taxing east coast travel. I have another big work event this week that I’m pushing to the finish line, but after that I’m excited to let thing clam down for a bit and stay put in SF for a few weeks 🙂

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