Joe’s Texas bbq housewarming + spa day in Noe Valley + SF zoo

Hey friends! After taking a few days off from work last week (see my last reflection post), things calmed down a bit and I felt motivated to hit the ground running this week. My spirits were much higher and days flew by in a blink of an eye!

By the weekend, I was ready to relax and soak in the sun like usual. The first activity planned was Joe’s housewarming which was Texas barbecue themed. Joe moved back into San Francisco a few months ago, and after settling in, he opened his house up to friends for a party. I nominated myself as the co-host and ended up taking charge of the entire menu and decorations. Joe and I had a blast setting up the food, drinks and decor (thank you Trader Joe’s frozen food).

Texas bbq

The party ended up being a HUGE success! 20 of Joe’s closest friends came and it was my first time meeting several of them, while some were repeats from our Tahoe trip and Joe’s holiday party. Everyone was super happy with our food and gave Joe plenty of compliments over his new crib. I was such a proud partner ❤ Our last guests stayed until 1am so I’d call that I success 😉

The next day, we slept in and planned our day over a big cup of coffee. To get ourselves out, Joe and I started the day with our favorite hike in the Presidio. I love that Joe lives so close to this huge network of trails – we’ve done this hike several times and it doesn’t get old. We ended in the Marina and had some hand-made pasta for lunch, yum!

Hiking in SF

In the afternoon, we were so craving a chill rest of the day after a social night last night. I randomly found a coupon for a spa in Noe Valley and we jumped on it. The package came with a massage and hour in a hot tub, and boy did it hit the spot. The spa itself was pretty bare bones but for the price, Joe and I were super happy with the experience. We’ll definitely be back 🙂

Since we were already in Noe Valley, we decided to walk around a bit and find some dinner there too. Noe is super cute with a lot of shops / cafes / restaurants, without the bouginess of some other neighborhoods in SF. I fell in love with the neighborhood and definitely will be back there as well!


On Sunday, Joe and I woke up early and started the day with coffee and a side of planning our next trip…Indonesia!!! SE Asia is my #1 favorite region to travel and I couldn’t be more excited to share the whole experience with Joe, especially after the past few years of traveling solo everywhere.

The rest of the morning we ran some errands and grabbed some Thai food for lunch, and then we drove down to the Sunset to do something a little out of the box…visit the SF zoo. 😛

The SF zoo was surprisingly big and we didn’t get through all of it. My favorite was the African savannah section which reminded me of my safari in Kenya a few months ago :).

San Francisco zoo

I’m pretty sure we were the only adults without kids at the zoo but we had our own fun.

After animal time, we headed back home and decided to catch the last bit of sun at Alta Plaza Park. We laid out a blanket, bought some pastries from B. Patisserie (our new fave!), and watched the sunset. ❤ Perfect end to the weekend.

Sunset at park

I’m so grateful to have had a more uplifting week and weekend filled with unique + relaxing activities with Joe. After a few difficult weeks at work, I’ve soaked in so many lessons and learned not be so hard on myself, and this weekend was just what I needed to feed the soul.

This week will be pretty crazy since I’m traveling to D.C. for work + figuring out apartment stuff since my roommate is moving out the end of the month to live with her boyfriend! We’ve had 3 happy years living together and it feels pretty sentimental to say goodbye to my first friend in San Francisco, but I’m happy for her next chapter and using this as an oppotunity to give my apartment a much needed makeover. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful week, friends!!

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