Celebrating our brides-to-be in Sonoma

The highlight of the weekend was going to wine country for a girls trip (plus partners) to celebrate the engagements of Kayla and Princess. Princess is always throwing thoughtful events for our girl gang, and so we thought it would be nice to do something for her this time. 🙂

First up, our group met at Rene’s apartment for a little toast to kick off the day. Rene is the best event planner and went all out with organizing the itinerary and buying us wine glass party favors (with a convenient lid to prevent spilling on the party bus 😉 )

Champagne toast

Our group was a big one, 7 girls plus our partners! We boarded the party bus and headed to the first stop, Cline Winery. There was no shortage of champagne and white claws which made the 1-hour ride go by in a flash 🙂

We made it to Cline Winery! It was a cloudy and cool day, and so we opted for a wine tasting indoors. We sampled 5 wines grown locally on the winery, and I even bought a bottle for myself.

Wine tasting at Cline Winery

After the tasting, the sun came out and we took a little stroll around the property. It was pretty large, with fountains and picnic areas – there was even a lake where you could feed fish.

Cline Winery

Onto the next stop, Viansa Winery. Rene bought everyone their own charcuterie snack box. What a champ!

At Viansa, we got a table outside with a gorgeous view of the vineyard. Our tasting guide poured us massive glasses, and we really started feeling the wine there! It was nice to take our time, chat and joke around under the sun.

Viansa Winery

Joe had met the girls once before and I was excited to spend more time as a group. He was a ball of fun and fit right into our fun-loving crew. ❤

Couple at wine country
Couple pic

Girl’s pic! I’ve known these girls for my entire time of living in SF and they have become my second family. Girls have come and gone into our group (based on who is living in SF), and everyone has been inclusive and there for each other for all our big life events (birthdays, engagements, weddings). I truly believe in the importance of having a strong female support system and I’m grateful for each and every one of them. ❤

Girlfriends in Sonoma

Guy’s pic too 🙂

After Viansa, we headed to a third winery nearby for a picnic lunch. We shared a few more bottles, and there was room for us to spread out, hang out with the donkeys, and play corn hole.

The ride back was a memorable one. We were all very wined-up at that point and we had a dance party while balancing on the bus. 🙂 Our group has done several Napa trips over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun before. 🙂 A huge success!

Party bus

Another fun weekend in the books. I’m definitely paying for all the drinking the next morning, but so worth it to get quality time with the girls ❤

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