SF opening up again: picnic with friends + arts & crafts + new hikes

Hello to my friends in the blogosphere! Since we last talked, San Francisco has slowly been opening up and it’s really livened the atmosphere around here. It still feels like SF is the most conservative city in the U.S. right now in terms of COVID precautions: everyone wears face masks, restaurants/stores/businesses are still closed…the good news is it now seems socially acceptable to hang out with friends while remaining socially distant, so we took advantage of that this past weekend. 🙂

On Saturday, our girl group (plus our partners) got together for a picnic at Golden Gate park. It was the first time since we all saw each other since our Napa wine trip in March…boy did I miss the girls! Even though it had been 3 months since we all saw each other, it was funny that literally no one had any life updates – our lives were just so tame. Nevertheless it felt great to see everyone again and enjoy the sunny vibes.

I recently bought a paint-by-numbers kit! It’s basically an adult-version of a coloring book and a fun mindless activity to pass time during the quarantine.

Here was the final product 🙂

Also, after watching over Craftopia on HBO, I’m newly obsessed crafting! Joe is super supportive and even got me acrylic paint and a hot glue gun 😉 my next project is to create some groovy signs for our garden and around the house.

Joe decided to buy a pair of roller blades to join me in my skating fun. He’s super agile on his skates and was 10x better than me off the bat. Nevertheless, I’ve progressed a lot that we’ve even been cruising on the main bike path of Golden Gate Park (which I was too scared to go on when I first got my skates). It’s so fun having Joe next to me on our skates!

We’ve been enjoying the garden in our free time. At this point, Joe is doing 90% of the gardening work while I kick back and “consult” next to him. 😛 I feel like gardening is all about solving problems and trying new things. Our latest challenge is how to deal with the slugs that are eating our flowers.

We got a mini-greenhouse to grow new plants from seed. Once they sprout we’ll pot them and transfer them to the ground eventually. We have pumpkins and sunflowers on deck. 🙂

Lots of hiking happened recently! We switched up our usual Presidio hike and drove a little further to my favorite trail along the coast…I love these wooden steps leading to sweeping views of the bay.

State parks have just opened up again. We ventured down to Pacifica to enjoy the coastal views. So beautiful especially on a sunny day.

Matching hats!

Last thing I want to say is there’s SO much going on in the world with the racial injustice movement and COVID on top of that. It’s been a wake up call that we have a LOT of work to do as a country. Please don’t be a stranger if you want to talk! I’m here to listen and learn.

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