Social week + launch party + Halloween Burner party + easy outdoorsy Sunday

Hey hey! I’m blogging from my Monday morning flight to D.C. – it’s that time of the month again where I’m on the road for work. This time will be a short trip as I didn’t tack on an additional leg or weekend trip for fun. To be honest, I’ve been really enjoying this year’s fall in SF and I’m pretty eager to get right back. 🙂

The Indian summer in SF hit hard last week. Almost everyday was filled with something social, enjoying the warm vibes and last bits of evening sun as the days are getting shorter. One highlight was catching up with Rene and Kayla – we found a happy hour event on an awesome rooftop in downtown SF; unlike other rooftop bars in SF that typically oversee a whopping 3 floors, this one was a “real” rooftop over 20 stories high. It was so nice to hang out there where felt like a warm summer evening in Manhattan.

Last week at work was a very rewarding one. Remember the big project I mentioned I was leading the past 6 months…well we FINALLY launched last week and it was honestly the highlight of my year so far (work-wise). It felt so gratifying to see all our hard work pay off and receive positive recognition at my company.

To thank my team, I threw a BBQ launch party on Friday featuring shipping 20 pounds of Salt Lick BBQ straight from Texas. We spent the morning cooking the BBQ in a sous-vide machine and prepping with janky office kitchen utensils…I was a little nervous we wouldn’t pull it off, but the whole event turned out to be a HUGE success. I think I got more thank-you’s from the launch party than the launch itself, ha!

Once Saturday rolled around, I was pooped from several social events in a row + my big work week. I spent Saturday being extra lazy and watching more Netflix than I’d like to admit…I did get out for a little walk on in the Marina and reading Ali Wong’s new book (which I highly recommend!) on the beach.

When evening rolled around, it was time to get ready for a Halloween party with Rene, Chrit, Karan, Matt and some new friends. We all met at Karan’s new bachelor pad only 2 blocks from my apartment. The place totally suited him and the occasion; leave it up to Karan to host the craziest parties and rally a fun crew.

I was a baby shark this year (costume credit to Rene!)

I was very proud of myself for doing this Joker makeup while not completely sober 😉

Karan found a “burner party” hosted by a tech commune, which is usually right up my ally. This time however, the vibe was very dark – everything from the grungy music to eerie decorations. It was a lot of fun to be with this party crew for the first time in a while.

I spent a LOT of energy avoiding a hangover, and it worked! I’ve been trying different regimens for ages, and this time I think the trick was staying on top of my vitamins the night before (including lots of Emergen-C and Pedialyte).

For Sunday, a new friend, Joe, came by my apartment and we decided to spend the day together. Our first stop was grabbing lunch in Japan Town – Joe found a spot that served sushi rotating along a conveyor belt. I was so excited since conveyor-belt sushi has been on my list for ages. Not only did the novelty excite me, but the actual sushi was SO yummy!

Then we grabbed some ice cream and coffee, and drove back up to the Marina to go on my favorite hike in the Presidio. It was a gorgeous afternoon and perfect hiking weather.

This trail never gets old. It has everything from shaded woods + trees, to the quintessential California coast, to a secluded beach at the bottom with views of the Golden Gate bridge. Perfection.

The weekend ended with grabbing dinner and watching The Blair Witch Project. The whole day hit the spot. 🙂

Now time to power through this work trip and come back to some more Halloween festivities later this week in SF. Have a great one!!

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