Surfing in Pacific + open mic comedy night + suburban Sunday + sunset at Fort Funston

Last week was one of those weeks that felt like a whole month jammed into 7 days. A big part was because of my work trip to D.C., which has become like monthly clock-work. Despite D.C. being my second home at this point, it’s still a huge task to go across the country and back – this time we were there for less than 24 hours!

By the time the weekend rolled around, I wanted nothing more than to unwind and enjoy my favorite things here in SF.

Saturday: Surfing in Pacifica + Akshat’s open mic

I eased into Saturday with a big cup of coffee and doing my “computer errands” that I had been putting off – booking flights, buying gifts, planning trips (I can’t believe Kenya is only 2 weeks away!).

Then it was time to head down to Pacifica to go surfing with Joe! I’ve been dying to surf over the past few weeks but always got too lazy or busy. With the warm-ish sun and afternoon high tide…it was the perfect recipe to hit the waves 🙂

Pacifica is a beautiful, long stretch of beach that’s perfect for beginners. I actually felt like the waves were a little too gentle and hard to catch. It ended up being a relaxing session chilling on the water and catching a few waves. It was just a soul-cleansing treat to be out in the ocean and sun. ❤

After surfing, we relaxed at Joe’s apartment, ate some Korean fried chicken for dinner (umm…yes), and then we headed back into the city to catch an amateur comedy show at Kells. My good friend from work, Akshat, invited a bunch of friends to come see him perform. I’ve known about Akshat’s stand-up gigs for a while now and have been dying to see him perform – he’s so hilarious in real life and it was such a treat to see him in his element on stage. He ended up crushing his set and was one of the funniest of the night (maybe I’m biased, ha). Guillaume made it out too, and we all had a blast laughing with the comics and catching up over drinks.

Sunday: Suburban Sunday + sunset at Fort Funston

The next morning, Joe and I eased into the day with some coffee, chatting and being lazy around his sunny apartment. We finally got up and started our day with some Krispy Kreme donuts. Joe is moving out of his apartment and into SF soon, and so we wanted to take advantage of his remaining days in Colma (~20 mins from SF) and fill the day with all the classic suburb-y things.

And so, what get’s more suburban than Target? We did a big Target run, shopping cart and all (I honestly don’t remember the last time I used a shopping cart). I swear this Target was EXACTLY the same as the one back home in New York. It kind of tripped me up.

Afterwards, we ate a yummy sushi lunch at a hole in the wall, that not only hit the spot but amazed me by how cheap it was! I’ve been living in cities for too long.

Then we took a break at Joe’s apartment and headed back out for a mini-hike in Fort Funston. Fort Funston is a gorgeous, coastal park with flat, sandy trails up high on the cliffs. The views are incredible as we were lucky enough to catch clear skies…it was so relaxing to watch the waves while enjoying each other’s company ❤

Sunset was to die for.

The whole weekend was perfection. Everything felt so effortless, and it was the perfect balance of relaxing and active, which was just what I needed after a traveling week. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!

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