A whole weekend outdoors feat. surfing in Bolinas + start to freelance writing

Hey there, friends! I’m currently blogging from my usual hotel room in D.C. for my monthly east coast visit for work. It’s hard to believe I traveled across the country today as I was so head-down in work/emails all day. I feel like I was just transported here on a regular day and it’s all just becoming clockwork!

A huge focus last week was work. I’ve been leading a project for the past 5 months and it’s approaching the finish line this week. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and a HUGE learning experience – I’m just so darn proud of myself and the team and can’t wait for our launch!

Work aside, this past weekend was a relaxing, outdoorsy one. For anyone living in the Bay Area, y’all know that the fall is our classic indian summer. I took full advantage of the gorgeous 80-degrees and went for a solo hike in the Presidio after work on Friday. I really needed time to myself to process work events, unwind, and let nature-y vibes fill my soul.

Another highlight of the weekend: I took a day-trip to Bolinas to surf for the first time since Nicaragua. I’ve been DYING to get back out there since surf camp where I just fell in love with the waves…after some light research on best beginner surf spots in the area, I dusted off my wetsuit, rented a getaround car, and was on the go!

Bolinas is a 15-minute drive north of Stinson Beach in Marin Country, but for a slightly longer drive from Stinson you get a fraction of the crowdedness + secluded beaches + a hippie-dippie beach town where you truly feel like you’re away from it all. There was only one surf shop in the entire town which was charming in itself. I rented an 8-foot foam board and hit the waves!

Bolinas beach was absolutely GORGEOUS, surrounded by tall mountains and rock cliffs. The waves themselves were easy, breezy, and great for beginners. It was actually super relaxing out there as the swells weren’t that intense, and I could actually chill on my board between catching waves. In Nica, I remember feeling like I had to fight every wave and after 1-hr I would be pooped, whereas in Bolinas I was out there for a good 3 hours. The downside was that the low-ish tide made it difficult to catch waves. But I wouldn’t trade a relaxing, long session over a frightening, intense one!

First solo surf trip = a HUGE success! It gave me confidence that I can handle myself out there without a group or an instructor (although I’d love to make some surfing friends in the bay). I’m definitely going to aim for these day-trips once every 2-3 weeks to keep up my surfing.

After a full day in the sun, I was POOPED. I was lying in bed by 9pm in my pajamas, and remembered I had Rahul’s housewarming that night. It was difficult to rally but I’m glad I did. It was great to catch up with Rahul, see his new place in the Mission, and meet his new roommates. We play several rounds of slap cup using White Claw flavored seltzer…so San Francisco. šŸ˜›

Last but not least, I had ample time over the weekend to chill at cafes + kava lounge and work on my new writing projects. I randomly had the idea last week to start freelance writing on the side…I’ve always loved writing since I was a kid, and as a result I created this blog which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it allows me to document, process, and meet awesome friends in the blogosphere! However, as much as I love writing for myself (and for free), I think it would be great to expand to other platforms and help others through my love for writing.

And so, if anyone out there is looking for a guest post for a travel/fitness/lifestyle blog, or is looking for professionally written material for your small/online business, please reach out as I’d love to help you!!! Or if you’re a writer yourself and have any advice on how to start a freelance business, please leave a comment. šŸ™‚

As far as I Run Like a Girl…don’t worry, I absolutely love this space and wouldn’t dare change a thing. šŸ™‚

The rest of the week I’ll be in D.C., and more excitingly afterwards I’ll be visiting my parents in upstate New York!!! I cannot wait to be in my hometown as I was hoping to experience fall vibes on the east coast (my favorite!). However, it looks like indian summer has also hit New York… šŸ˜›

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