Secret concert + brunch convert + Burning Man Decompression + Tennessee Valley hike

These past few weeks in SF in between work trips (a.k.a not traveling) have been really REALLY nice. It’s amazing how quickly our bodies/minds can adapt to situations. Only 3 weeks ago I was traveling to D.C./New York, enjoying the nomad life and thinking it was daunting to go back to my stable SF life. And now, after settling into the peace and stability of home, heading back to the east coast next week seems like quite the task!

Last week had a few fun things going on. One highlight was seeing a Sofar Sounds concert in North Beach. Sofar standards for “sounds from a room,” and they put on “secret” concerts from local venues, often times in people’s own homes – you don’t know who’s playing or even the location until the day before. It’s a great way to support local artists, and a very ~SF thing to do (although there are locations in cities across the world!)

Another highlight – catching up with Kim over brunch. Kim recently moved to Nob Hill and so we started off by marveling at her new Victorian-styled crib. For lunch, she found the most amazing Asian fusion spot in Lower Nob Hill called Lapisara Eatery. I’m not the biggest fan of the activity of brunch given how expensive and bouge-y it is (flashback to my NYC days when I actually boy-cotted brunch), but I have to give it to this spot – it won me over. Pretty instagram-able food + reasonable prices + an Asian twist…what more do you need?

My favorite event of the week was going to Burning Man Decompression, a party in an abandoned power station in Potrero Hill that brought back several of the DJs, art installations, and people (aka “burners”) from the actual Burning Man. I went with Artur and two of his friends, and it ended up being a super fun night! There was so much to do with art/music/places to lounge/interesting people doing interesting things left and right…I think the purpose of the burn is to let people live their wildest fantasies and be whoever they want to be without judgement. The event felt like a mini-burning man and made me want to go to the actual burn at some point in my life!

Silent disco was a highlight. We spent a while tearing it up on the silent dance floor!

One section was decorated like the set of Wizard of Oz, and there were brave performers blowing oxygen to create this fire tornado.

Last but not least, the weekend ended with a chill Sunday featuring a hike at Tennessee Valley in Marin. I’ve done this hike before, but this time, it was extra enjoyable and it made this hike one of my faves. It’s an easy, flat 3-mile trail, but the highlight is ending at a secluded beach and having Big Sur-like views on top of the cliffs…after living in California for 2 years, I’ve started to take these views for granted, but this hike reminded me how lucky I am to have these gorgeous ocean-side cliffs right at my fingertips.

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