Work travel in D.C. + Easter weekend in New York

What a crazy week! I’ve been in and out of airports, 6 flights total! Work sent me to D.C. earlier in the week, and I decided to make the most of my time on the east coast and visit my parents in upstate NY afterwards. I’m pretty physically exhausted, but mentally I feel refreshed after relaxing in my childhood home and spending lots of quality time with my family. 

Let’s back up to my time in D.C. To be honest, work travel has lost its appeal to me. My old job was in consulting so I was constantly on the road. I’ve come to accept that work travel basically means trying to stay sane between all the time in airports + time zone differences, while trying not to completely screw up your diet, and sneaking in some exercise if you can (although it’s nothing like having your home running route/gym/etc). Nights can be lonely in the hotel and it feels like life back home is on “pause.”

Nevertheless, this trip in particular was a really good opportunity for me at work so I definitely tried to make the most of it. My role will require more travel than I anticipated, so I will need to adjust my mindset to make it through all my upcoming work trips!

The beginning of the week was pretty packed as I was putting all my energy into prepping for my meetings. Lots of late evenings in my hotel room, with laptop and pizza on the the bed:  

East coast aesthetics is very different from west coast. I haven’t worn a suit in ages!

It was a huge weight off my shoulder when our big day of meetings was over. I had a few hours to kill before my flight, so decided to make the most of it and sight-see around D.C. Of course, this meant changing from my heels and suit in an Uber and power-touring with my luggage. But it was 70 degrees and GORGEOUS in our beautiful capital. So worth the extra effort to get out there!

I’ve been to D.C. several times, and the sights never get old. My favorite spot is the reflecting pool. ❤

By the end of the week, it was time to say goodbye to D.C. and onto New York! I skipped NYC this time since I only had a few days and wanted to spend more time with my family.

Days at home were filled with working remotely, some running here and there (I took it easy since I was still jetlagged and it’s taper time – recovery is more important than pushing myself these final two weeks!). In between, it was basically nonstop bonding time with my mom. We missed my siblings a lot as they couldn’t come home this time, but I’m really happy with the amount time I spent with my mom. Our favorite thing to do when we’re both home is movie nights – we watch The Departed, Lion, and Source Code – all fantastic!

Mom and I went to my favorite sushi spot for lunch. Between every city I’ve been to in the U.S., this hometown spot is still my favorite (and cheapest) for sushi!

Afterwards, mom and I took a walk and we spotted cherry blossoms. I was too late for the famous D.C. cherry blossoms, so I was glad my hometown still had some in bloom!

Over the weekend, we took a little road trip down to Woodbury Commons, a huge outdoor shopping outlet that is quite the attraction in Upstate NY. It was a treat to get out of town with some fresh air + exercise.

At Woodbury, I met up with one of my best friends from childhood, Andrew! Andrew is basically a little brother to me, and it’s always a laughing fest when we’re together. We haven’t seen each other in a year (#longdistancefriendships) and I was so glad he met me halfway from NYC. One of the highlights of my week ❤


Sunday was Easter, which basically meant all day at church. It was really nice to see everyone again and there were festivities all around.

When I was on my own, I found books / movies on running to prepare my heart for my marathon. I can’t believe it’s NEXT WEEK!!

Here is what my second to last week of marathon training looked like:

Week 16:

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 6 miles

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: 6 miles

Sunday: REST



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