Favorite spot in SF + Gryffin concert + emotional week + peace with my life

To be honest, this week was a very difficult one for me emotionally. The beginning of the week was filled with anxiety and stress about some personal stuff, and then everything sort of exploded mid-week. Friday was one of those days where I just wanted to stay in bed and eat ice cream, but I’m glad I got out the door and so thankful for my wonderful support system.

One thing that constantly amazes me about life in my 20’s is how quickly things change. I have approximately 800 lesson to takeaway; I won’t cover all in one post, but I’ll try and reflect on some below.

Let’s flashback a second to Tuesday: I did a free yoga class at Grace Cathedral called Yoga in the Labyrinth. I’ve attended a lot of events at Grace Cathedral lately and have been LOVING them. I think it’s my favorite spot in all of SF. You can’t help but feel inner-peace and calmness in the beautiful building, and I really needed the meditative-styled yoga class given my stressful week. Princess and I met up for dinner in Nob Hill afterwards – she’s been super busy in her PhD program so catching up with her was a treat!

Now for the weekend: First, I ran my 11th half marathon, which in itself was filled with transformative lessons about myself, and all before breakfast ;). You can read my dramatic race recap HERE. I definitely started feeling like myself again after the race.

What sealed the deal in picking my spirits back up was going to the Gryffin concert with Karan, Viggy and Viggy’s girlfriend. Matt and his new girlfriend also joined for the pregame. It had been FOREVER since I’d gone out with the guys and felt like no time had passed: partying together, joking around, talking about life, and enjoying each other’s company. I did not drink any alcohol and have been really enjoying non-alcoholic fun lately. I’ve been trying to connect with my emotions lately find that avoiding alcohol keeps me grounded.

I spent a lot of quality time with Karan. We had a few heart to hearts and he felt like my “protector” at the concert, ha.

When I got home from the concert, something in me clicked. In past blog posts, I’ve alluded to feeling nostalgic and down about how I haven’t felt as close with my friends in SF lately. Well seeing the guys that day and Princess earlier in the week was a sweet reminder that we all still care about each other a lot, and just because we don’t spend as much time anymore, we still have each other’s backs. I can honestly say that everyone (both the guys and the girl group) is in a MUCH better spot than where they were last year, including myself. Seeing the guys with their girlfriends, hearing about Princess and her new grad program, getting the scoop on the other busy girls doing their thang, and lastly remembering how drastically my life has changed for the better in the past few months…I felt so grateful and so genuinely happy for my friends, and everything fell into place – I no longer felt lonely or confused anymore about my friendships…I finally felt acceptance and peace.

This realization, along with reflecting about the incident this week makes me feel so genuinely at peace with how everything has turned out in my life. I no longer feel the need to dwell on the past, but ready to be fully present. Ending the week on a hopeful note. ❤

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