Girls weekend in Santa Rosa + do-over block party + we should give ourselves more credit + training week 2

As you can tell from my title, this will be a very packed post, so get ready for lots of picture and recaps on a super fun weekend and week of marathon training 🙂

Friday: long run + girls weekend begins! 

I decided to get my long run done on Friday because 1) I knew I had a busy weekend ahead, and 2) I took Friday off from work since I have many vacations days to use before the end of the year!

10 miles running along the Embarcadero for the first time, also my first double digit run since the SF half!! I felt strong throughout, especially mentally, and didn’t stop except for a bathroom break. The last stretch was all uphill and I thought for sure I was going to quit…but I kept pushing and when my Garmin beeped at 10 miles, I sighed a big breath of happiness. It was the proudest I felt after a run in a VERY long time.

I think we need to give ourselves more credit for our runs. The past few weeks, after each run I felt defeated and legitimately worried that running would never feel good again; but each mile is an accomplishment no matter if we run at our goal paces, or stop for walking breaks, or whatever – we should be proud of ourselves no matter! (Something I’m working on this cycle :)…having faith in myself and the training process).


After a nice meal + nap, I was recharged and ready to go for GIRLS WEEKEND! Saturday was Princess’s birthday (one of the girlfriends I met through Anna) and she organized a girl’s weekend up in Santa Rosa :). I was BEYOND pumped to spend some quality time with the girls (plus one guy, ha), and indulge in all the basic things that we love 😛

We got to the Airbnb around 7pm and it was DOPE. So spacious with a hot tub and pool – we unpacked, opened the [many] bottles of wine we brought, and went straight to the hot tub.



Sooo relaxing hanging with the girls, catching up over our weeks, and laughing at everything under the sun ❤

Pizza + wine + hot tubs…what more can you ask for?


After tub time, we all went back in the Airbnb and cozied up in front of the TV and watched trashy reality shows to wind down the night. At midnight, we surprised Princess with her birthday cake! ❤


Shortly after, I went to sleep knowing we had a very early morning ahead.

Saturday: hot air balloon + wine tasting + southern BBQ 

The alarm went off at 5am on Saturday. A few of us booked a hot air balloon ride to kick off Princess’s actual birthday in a special way. The balloon was took off at sunrise, hence the early wake up call. We went on a bus that took us up a wind-y mountain with views that were UNREAL. We finally made it to the middle of nowhere and spotted our balloons…we couldn’t contain the excitement!



The actual balloon ride itself completely exceeded my expectations – the balloon moves slowly so you don’t feel anything really, making it relaxing and not adrenaline-inducing like I had thought. Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. The views of this remote part of California were to die for.



We so enjoyed squeezing next to each other in our part of the basket, laughing about whatever was on our minds, and soaking in the views.



Looking up the hot air balloon was super neat – it looked like a kaleidoscope!


After the ride, we rode back on the bus and Princess and I chatted away about a lot a great things. We actually have a lot in common as two single gals in SF, and I was so happy to be able to share with each other some personal things…I know it all sounds vague, but the point is that my heart was beyond warmed to spend quality time with Princess and get to know her on a deeper level after this trip. Each and every girl on this trip was so genuine and non-judgmental, and it makes me so happy to have all of them in my life now!!

The whole balloon experience ended with the company giving us champagne…what a treat.


After a very successful morning, we went back to the Airbnb to check out, picked up the rest of the crew, and went straight to Kendall Jackson winery for a wine tasting!

The winery was SUPER nice…big, gorgeous property that was more open and relaxed than any vineyard I’d been to in Napa. We all sat around in the comfy chairs, sipping on our wine, being our loud, hilarious selves 😛



Took a walk (…or photoshoot :P) through the vineyard.


We joked that the whole weekend was like an episode of the bachelor, all of us being on a group date with Matt 😉


After our wine tasting, we were all craving southern BBQ and we found a spot nearby. We kept the drinks going and stuffed our faces…it hit the spot.


And just like that, our girls weekend (or more like girls 24 hours) was over. SO many fun memories, laughs, and special moments to look back on. It was one of the most packed and fun 24 hours I had in a long time.

With that said, after riding back home with Janice and Anna, I was POOPED. My whole body was ready for a night in. My internet was down so I just practiced some guitar, read, and enjoyed alone time for the first time on a Saturday night since moving here.

Sunday: Do-Over Block Party + football with the fam

I woke up recharged and ready for another day of partying. But first, 4 easy miles, filled with thinking about all the great memories of the weekend during the whole run which put me in a great mood :).

In the afternoon, the fam all got together and headed to the Mission for a block party. Food, drinks, dancing, hip hop music…all a recipe for a fun time with these guys.



The music turned out to be REALLY good and the crowd was super energetic just like us. We shared drinks and had a blast dancing away for hours.


After the block party, we made it back to guys’ apartment in the Marina and turned on football. Week 2 of football Sundays and it’s turning out to be one of my favorite things. We kicked back, ordered pizza, and got talking about another trip we may take this  month (we are all eager to re-live Lake Tahoe)!


Week 2 of marathon training:

This week of training felt way better than last week, thank god. I think my body is finally getting use to running 4 times a week again. So happy to be over the tough running hump. I learned that that everything comes in waves; bad week(s) of running will almost always follow by good ones.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 6 miles during lunch break (10:08 pace).

Wednesday: 3 miles after work (9:02 pace). First run in a while that felt NOT bad!! I like using these shorter runs for speed work; added a hill interval at the end

Thursday: REST

Friday: 10 miles (9:51 pace) alone the Embarcadero. Felt very strong!

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 4 miles (9:47 pace) first thing in the morning

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