Goodbye Kumar + Treasure Island + off the grid picnic + family time is my favorite

Isn’t it crazy how so much can change in so little time? Life in my 20s has been so dynamic, and so many times things have gone up or downhill so quickly. This was one of those weeks that made me feel this way…anywho, I won’t go into detail on this, instead I’m going to focus on the more positive moments of this past weekend for this post (and trust me, there were many)!

Friday: Promotion toast + Goodbye Kumar 

On Friday, my firm hosted a rooftop party celebrating those who got promoted. My entire team came out to support my promotion and it was the first time in a while we all got together and caught up. A fun way to kick off the weekend with killer views of SF on the rooftop 🙂


Friday was also Kumar’s last day in SF. He officially moved to London this weekend, and so he threw a huge rager to say goodbye. It was so fun seeing all of our friends again – it made me realize just how many friends I’ve met through Kumar, and I will definitely have to make an effort to keep in touch with them now that he is gone! I got pretty emotional saying goodbye to him…tears were definitely shed. Kumar has been one of my closest friends since moving here, and I will so miss having him around!! ❤

Saturday: long run with a blessing in disguise + Treasure Island 

I woke up early and energized on Saturday for my long run. Speaking of tears the night before, I started off my run listening to THIS podcast from This American Life, and it was SO sad. I felt a little silly letting out the water-works running on the streets at 8 o’clock in the morning…but it gave me a serving of humble pie and made me feel so grateful for having a family that is healthy and happy.

Funny story, I dropped my headphones in a puddle by mile 5 and they broke :(, and so I rerouted my entire run out of Golden Gate Park and into Lands End + the Presidio to catch some scenery for my remaining 7 miles. It ended up being a huge blessing in disguise; the views at Lands End + running on the trails without music was so incredibly therapeutic. Flashback to my first half marathon when I trained and ran the entire thing without music…it felt so nice to clear my head this way and reminded me why I love “naked” runs (as I call them).

12 beautiful miles to start off Saturday! 🙂


Afterwards, it was time for an afternoon with Anna and Janice on Treasure Island! Princess was so sweet and gave me tickets to the Treasure Island flea market for my birthday. She couldn’t come unfortunately and so I brought our girlfriends along 🙂

The flea market was hands down my favorite one yet. So many vendors selling their artsy, handmade things (so California) + lots of open space so you didn’t feel overwhelmed. Also, Treasure Island itself had AMAZING views of SF.


Our tickets came with free sangria!! We sat along the water and enjoyed the live music while sipping away.



While we were shopping, Janice randomly picked out a shirt for me and I instantly loved it. Casual mid-day outfit change 😉


After the flea market, we walked a short way to reach the wineries on Treasure Island. There are several smaller ones lined up together on the island – reminded me of the urban wineries in Brooklyn. They all shared an open seating area by the waterfront and it was so incredibly relaxing. We did a wine tasting at Sottomarino and sat outside. My heart was so happy being with these two ❤



I joked with the girls that 90% of the activities we do is go to wineries…the whole afternoon felt so typical west coast :P. Treasure Island completely exceeded my expectations – definitely the highlight of the weekend!

Sunday: Off the Grid + family time 

On Sunday, my two Columbia friends Meaghan and Therese drove into SF from their respective Bay area suburbs for an afternoon together. Therese also brought along her boyfriend so it was a treat to meet him finally. The four of us went to Off the Grid Presidio, the outdoor food truck picnic I rave about all the time on this blog (can you guess who picked it? hehe)

Followed by walking around the Marina and grabbing ice cream. Food + old friends + being outside = the perfect Sunday recipe.


In the evening, it was football time with the fam. I was feeling kind of off all day due to the changes I hinted at earlier, and I was so looking forward to sitting on the couch and regrouping with the fam on this. Being with them for a few hours made me so much better. They have an amazing ability to make me laugh at every situation which is the best cure for anything. Family time over Sunday night football are quickly becoming my favorite thing ❤


Hope you all have a great week!!


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