My theme this marathon cycle + lots of yoga + week 3 of training

Another solid week of running. One special highlight was doing THREE yoga sessions this week. First was on Wednesday with Anna. We did Yoga to the People which is an organization that offers donation-based yoga classes in the Mission. They’re pretty laid back and let you go at your own pace. I think we’ll be making this our weekly thang 🙂

Then on Thursday, Princess invited me to yoga night at the California Academy of Science Museum and we did two classes together. The first had deep house music in the back which was felt super epic especially in the breathing portions. The second class was on the museum’s rooftop at sunset…doesn’t get more California than that.


I was never too big on yoga before, but all the classes last week has definitely opened my eyes. Yoga can sometimes feels like a drag (slow-paced things are not my favorite), but my always running feels 1000x better afterwards so I will try and incorporate more yoga into this cycle 🙂

I feel like my mileage has been increasing rapidly in 3 short weeks of training…I hate to admit that I definitely entertained the thought of skipping some miles this week. In the end, I finished each run and was so glad that I did. It really shows that most of our blocks in running (and in life) are mental and that we can really do so much by believing in ourselves.

No excuses, no regrets.

That’s my theme this marathon cycle. It’s not completely original – I was listening to Kelly Robert’s podcast and instantly felt like it applied to my running and life right now. Basically the thought behind it is that I want to run every mile on my plan, put myself out there, and not make any excuses to quit. Even if I fall flat on my face trying, as long as I try my best and make no excuses, then I won’t have any regrets on race day.

I think this is also the perfect motto for my life right now too. I’ve been in SF for 4 months now, and moving across the country has forced me to go out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I’ve made an effort to say “yes” to everything possible, and as long as I’m not making excuses and taking these chances, I won’t have any regrets 🙂

Week 3 of marathon training

Monday: 4 miles along the Marina (9:27 pace)

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 7 miles along the Marina (9:57 pace) + 1 hour of yoga with Anna

Thursday: 4 miles along the Marina (9:39 pace) + 2 hours of  yoga with Princess

Friday: REST

Saturday: 12 miles in Golden Gate Park + the Presidio trails

Sunday: REST

27 miles total!!

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