Two nights out + boozy dim sum + MoMA + week 4 of marathon training

Hey there, and happy Monday! I have another lovely weekend to recap for you guys. I originally planned on keeping things low key, but things came up one after another and it ended up being another super packed weekend; I definitely feel blessed to have a great friends who always give me things to do!

After this fun and exhausting weekend, I definitely want to make an effort to slow things down and focus as 1) my next exam is coming up, and 2) I officially signed up for the Virgin Sport SF Bay Half Marathon in 2 weeks!! So excited to use this half marathon to see where my training is at 🙂

Friday: Day off + new favorite long run route + night out #1

I took Friday off work to use up my vacation days and also get my long run out of the way so my weekend could be completely free. 13 miles on my favorite long run route (Golden Gate park -> Ocean Beach -> Lands End trails -> the Presidio trails -> Marina Boulevard). I did this run last week and it became my new favorite route; I love it because it’s so diverse and covers the best views of SF in my opinion. It also has a TON of killer hills – my goal is to eventually run this whole route without stopping.

A windy run! (Excuse all my baby hairs)


In the evening, Ben and Anna wanted to let off some steam after a long work week, and so the three of us got together for a night of dancing in the Mission. The rest of the fam joined later on along with some of our other friends, and it ended up being quite the fun night! I absolutely love third wheeling Ben and Anna and we made a pact to have a triple date at least once a month together 😛


Saturday: boozy dim sum brunch + SF MoMA + night out #2

Saturday started on the early side as Princess organized for all of our girlfriends to get together for a surprise brunch to celebrate Janice’s engagement. We ate at Chubby Noodle where they service bottomless dim sum and mimosas –> this has to be the best idea ever created.


So nice getting our girl group all together for the first time since our Santa Rosa trip 2 weeks ago! I love how easily we all get along and can make each other laugh at basically anything.


Aftewards, Anna and I took a stroll through North Beach with our ice coffees, recapping the previous night and enjoyed the A+ weather that hit SF this weekend :). We eventually made it back to the Marina and joined the rest of the fam for a trip to the MoMA (a drunk idea from the previous night that we actually followed up on, haha).

First museum visit in SF! I’m not the biggest fan of museums and art in general (I prefer spending time outside and with nature!), but it was actually pretty fun seeing one of SF’s most popular spots. We spent hours looking at each and every exhibit.


Burgers and milkshakes afterwards…yum.


Then, we all went our separate ways for a few hours to nap and recharge, all before meeting up again in one huge group for a night out in the Marina. It was the first time the fam combined with me and Anna’s girlfriends #worldscolliding

We started off pregaming at the guys’ place. Can’t imagine my life in SF without these ones.



Followed by bar hopping in the Marina and chilling on one of our friend’s rooftops. The night ended with the Tahoe fam unwinding at a diner 🙂


Another successful night in the books. It was so fun meshing our friends together and letting loose!

Sunday: recovery + football

Sunday was all about recovery after a pretty sleepless two days. I did venture out to run 4 easy miles which helped get my day going. In the evening, Anna came by and we went shopping on Union Street for a bit, and afterwards joined the guys for our classic football Sunday. The perfect way to end the weekend ❤


Week 4 of marathon training

I think I caught trail fever this week. I’ve been all about venturing off on the trails near my apartment and incorporating hill work into my runs. I’m so LOVING how much easier hills are feeling lately. Back in NYC, I use to shy away from even the babiest hills, but now I must say, living in SF has made me a huge fan of them – it’s such an accomplishing feeling to make it to the top!

Monday: 7.5 miles on my favorite trail (Batteries of the Bluff trail). The sunset views are amazing…


Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 4 miles with lots of hills 

Thursday: 60 minute yoga session with Anna

Friday: 13 miles on my new favorite long run route

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 4 easy miles along the Marina

Total = 28 miles!

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