Glen Canyon hike + nightly outdoor wanderings

Another weekend has come and gone, and another week is beginning. This past weekend FLEW by as I was trying to cram every minute possible with something fun and productive. Definitely slept less than I probably needed to but seeing loved ones gave me the recharging I needed to enter another week of travelling ahead 🙂

Friday: Hang out + late night walk with the fam 

Friday night, we got the fam together for a low-key evening –> (our Lake Tahoe group calls ourselves “the fam” so I will start saying that too in these posts!). We started off drinking at my Marina pals’ apartment; a week away from home really made me miss these guys! Also, Karan was back from a two week vacation with his family so it was SO great hearing about his crazy stories. It was also lovely hanging out with Matt’s girlfriend, Caro, once again as this is her last weekend before moving to Spain 😦

Sugar-free margarita + kombucha since I was trying to be “healthy” this weekend… 😉


After we were all ready to go out, we changed our plans and decided to get some fresh air and take a walk along the Bay –> quality time with each other > crowded bars :). We made it to Fisherman’s Wharf, which is usually the most touristy part of the city, but at night it’s completely isolated and actually one of the most beautiful parts of the city in my opinion. I just love our neighborhood and its accessibility to the water – I never want to leave it!

We sat on beach, talked about everything under the sun, ran around the sand, dipped our feet in the water, and just enjoyed the space all to ourselves. A very happy night with the fam ❤


Saturday: Glen Canyon hike + another night adventure 

Saturday started off with 4 miles! I’m playing it by ear as far as running goes. I have my eyes set on either an October or December marathon, depending on how running goes this month. If I can get good mileage during the weeks and solid long runs on the weekends, I’ll aim for the October date. But if travelling makes me not want to run as much, that okay! – the December one it is :). I’m going to listen to my body and make sure my heart is 100% ready for whatever marathon is next.

After running, I headed to Kumar’s apartment in Pac Heights for lunch – we completely grandma’ed-it-up and lounged on his couch, ate our take out Thai food, and caught up over the week and life in general. Talking with Kumar feels like talking to an old friend, so effortless and makes me want to share everything. I was so happy to steal some of his time this weekend – he is super busy with medical school apps right now and I have the highest hopes for him!!

Afterwards, I headed to Dolores Park to meet up with Anna and her friends for a birthday (surprise surprise, Dolo park again. I think this is my 4th time?!). This sweet little doggie was next to me the whole time ❤


Aftewards, Anna and I headed to Glen Canyon Park which is a beautiful park right here in SF with tons of hiking trails. I’ve been super into these “city hikes” lately (Fort Funston and Bueno Vista Park were other ones recently). Since I don’t have a car, these city parks that are conveniently a short Uber ride away and a perfect way to feel like you’re outside of the city 🙂

The trails themselves were moderate level with dirt paths and some decent ascents.

image_123986672 (1).JPG

Anna and I took our time on the trails. We had no agenda and just had our own adventure. As much as I LOVE spending a lot of our time hanging together with the fam and our girlfriends, one-on-one time with Anna makes my heart beyond happy. She is one of the most caring and attentive friends I’ve ever had – when you talk she really listens and empathizes. Something about walking in nature makes me want to open up about everything and anything, and I’m so grateful to have an amazing friend like Anna to have these quality moments with ❤

D0104F8A-F318-43B1-9E68-00AC4C2A87D7 (1).jpg

I love that Anna is into taking photos as much as I am; we had the funnest little photoshoot 🙂


We were obsessed with the cliffs at the top. The views were A++


Just chilling in this tree 😉


A sweet kid on the trail took our picture and asked us if we could make a heart #awkwardfail


After our A+ hike was over, I headed back home for some dinner and down-time before heading to Matt and Karan’s apartment in the Marina to spend some time with them and Caro on her last night here…*tear*. I definitely got a little emotional as we were chilling around the dining table, so relaxed and open, listening to country music…there was so much love and I didn’t want Caro to leave either!

We really just wanted to spend quality time together on this last night, so we went out on another night adventure like Friday, this time starting off with a walk down Marina Boulevard. It was so dark and eerie along the water, such a different visual than my daily runs along it.


We somehow made it to the Palace of Fine Arts. I had been here before during the day, but at night it’s a whole different level of beautiful. I was so entranced by the lighting along the palace, it felt like we were in a movie.


We made it up on the ledge and just enjoyed the amazing views of the water and palace…can’t describe how breathtaking this was ❤


These nightly adventures were such a highlight of this weekend. As fun as nights out dancing/bar-hopping are, I really just love these quality, low-key nights wandering outside together. I love that we have the option to do this here in SF, and it makes me so happy to be in this wonderful city with my new fam ❤

And that wraps up another weekend. I think time away from SF made me extra sappy this post so forgive me for that! I’m back in Chicago now for the week, and hope you have a great one!!

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