Week 2 in Chicago + first baseball game + it’s all about conditioning

Week two in Chicago, check. My team finished the week ahead of schedule so they decided to let me be remote next week – hurrah!! I am beyond relieved and can’t wait to get back into my normal routine, cook food again, run my favorite routes, and enjoy being home for 1 week before being back on the road.

One highlight from this past week  – my first ever major league baseball game! We saw the Cubs vs. Reds with my team from the Chicago office. Now that I’m in SF, I don’t get much face time with my team as they are mostly in NYC and Chicago, so it was super nice to meet everyone and hang out with them for once :).

I REALLY enjoyed the game, surprisingly. Tons of drinks, food, box seats, singing “take me out to the ball game”…I can see the draw of this whole sports thing. Funny story – I thought the Cubs were a football team up until we pulled up at Wrigley Field and I realized we were going to a baseball game…#shame


I did get out for some solo sightseeing Monday night via a run. Chicago surprisingly is the least run-able city I’ve been to yet. Even the trails by the river seemed to have a lot of traffic and stopping points. In any case, it was nice to get moving once this week and see more of the city.



Mentally, I felt a lot better about the second week compared to the first – it’s all about conditioning I think. I was much less stressed out and knew what to expect from my first week.

Physically however, I wasn’t in great shape. The time difference + project stress gave me a terrible case of insomnia. I tossed and turned until 4am almost every night, and slept through each of my morning runs as a consequence. Long days of just sitting + heavy meals + not running just perpetuated my sleeplessness even more and it all turned out to be a vicious cycle. Another reason I’m so happy to be home and reunite with my bed.

So here I am back home, ready for the weekend + recovery :). My first meal back: the biggest salad ever. I so missed nutrients/vegetables/healthy stuff 😛


Lastly, I should have an update on my fall race plans very soon! This week in Chicago gave me an “a-ha” moment and I think I know what my heart/legs/brain/body wants next. Just finalizing some things on the calendar before signing up – can’t wait to share with you all soon! ❤

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