Week in Chicago + a glimpse into consulting life + finally feels like home

Hey there!! Back in SF after a week on the road as I recently started a new project in Chicago; that means the whole consulting-shebang of being on the road Sundays-Thursdays for the next three weeks. Luckily, I have a wonderful team and spending time with them makes the days fly by.

It was my first time in Chicago and I absolutely LOVED it. The city itself is so clean, new, and has the hustle and bustle that I crave. The summertime weather was absolutely perfect too. I loved walking around after work and getting a feel of this wonderful city.


Bean there done that… 🙂


This work itself is challenging…but worth it. There were definitely moments when my stress level was at its all time high, but whenever I felt overwhelmed I reminded myself how lucky I am to have this job with top-notch people. I’m learning so much and the end is in sight!

I tell people that being a consultant is an introvert’s nightmare. From being in the team room for 10-12 hours, team lunches, dinners, social outings…there is virtually zero alone time during the day unless you carve it out by waking up early/staying up late/skipping events. I was generally okay with this since I’m a mild extrovert, but I think I may try and be more proactive about finding alone time next week since it did feel like a lot towards the end.

Running did happen this week, luckily! I even went out for a morning run with a coworker one of the days. It was so nice to have a running buddy to help navigate my first time running Chicago, and our 5 miles flew by as we got caught up on life (we are friends from our days in the NY office)! Pretty city views during the A.M. run:


The best part of this trip…THE FOOD. Every single meal was to die for. The Chicago food scene is so lit and my coworkers went all out with making reservations at the best places in the city :). My pants definitely felt a little tighter on Thursday!!

There was a moment this week when I told my coworker how I was missing SF…and she said: “that’s good, right?” I was confused by this comment at first, but realized it was! Over the past two months I’ve been settling into my new life here in SF, but New York always still felt like home in my mind, but there seemed to be a turning point recently where mentally/emotionally SF feel likes home base now…and being away for a bit made me realize that :). As I was in the Uber coming back from the airport to my apartment, seeing the colorful small houses clustered on the foggy hill…I took the biggest breath of relief over the feeling of being home, and that means so much to me ❤

So on that note, I’m making the most of my short weekends back in SF, seeing loved ones and recharging before another busy week on the road. Travelling projects can be tough as far as finding balance, but I’m learning slowly what works and doesn’t work for me…and staying grateful for this opportunity.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂

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