Week-long celebration + two runs in one day + other randomness

Hey there! This was quite the week with lots of random tidbits to share. I’ll try and keep some method to my madness so here we go 🙂

First wedding party

My very dear friend from childhood, Shaolin, is getting married in November, and this week she asked me to be a bridesmaid! ❤ I couldn’t be more flattered. This will be the first time I am in a wedding party and I couldn’t be more excited!!

A photo of us when we were kids 🙂


One step closer to being an actuary + week-long celebration

On Tuesday I took another actuarial exam and passed!!! It was a super big relief to get one more under my belt and have a little more of my life back. The rest of the week was basically a week-long celebration with friends –> (I tend to drag out celebrating these exams as long as possible 😉 ). Each day was filled with catching up with friends, making up for lost time and what-not, and letting loose now that I was a free woman.

On Wednesday, I hung out with Matt and his girlfriend who is visiting from Brazil. I was dying to meet her finally, and turns out she’s even sweeter and more awesome in person :). The three of us had a little poker night.


Followed by ice cream at Ghiradelli square – yum!


Thursday was a G.N.O with Anna and our girlfriends. We bar-hopped around the Mission and it was such a blast spending time with these awesome gals.

Friday I took it easy after work and went to Off the Grid in Fort Mason, a food truck fair that takes place every Friday. I think I’ve gone almost every single Friday since living here…it’s so close to my apartment and love trying new food trucks! There’s a spot on top of the hill at Fort Mason that has a beautiful view of the bay…it’s such a treat to eat here each week.


Then, a fun evening catching up with Vijay/Kumar and watching British TV shows…the best 🙂

Everything came together on Saturday night when all of these friends merged into a crazy night out. We started with dancing at Raven bar. These two are my absolute favorites to third wheel and loved being silly on the dance floor with them!


Then we all ended up at Ben’s apartment in Richmond to chill. So lovely having all my favorite people together in one spot!


Running this week: two runs in one day + lots of trails 

Thursday was quite a feat as I ran twice in one day. This rarely happens for me, and when it does, I try to monopolize the feeling of needing to run. I was having some anxiety about work stuff and so I set out for an evening run to supplement the morning one.

Decided to hit up the Presidio to get on the trails. Nature really is the best therapy 🙂



The run ended on Baker Beach. So gorgeous.


4 miles in the morning + 4 in the evening = 8 miles total that day!

My long run this weekend was in Golden Gate park. It’s kind of annoying to get to from where I live but I’m always happy after I make it out – can’t get enough of those trails 🙂


Casual self-timer shot 😉


My favorite post-run meal this week: avocado + egg + hummus toast! Super easy and way cheaper than buying it at a restaurant.


I’m about to fly to Chicago for the entire week for my new work project. Life on the road is always a bit exhausting, and I for sure will miss being in SF for most of August, but I’m really excited to hang out with my awesome team filled with some badass women and also to explore the city (my first time! – any recs??).

Have a great week, friends!!

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