Twin peaks + Dolo days never get old + best part of the night + Fort Funston

Hey there & happy Monday! Lots of highlights from this past week to catch up on so I’ll just dive right in 🙂

Twin peaks + Phil visiting 

On Thursday afternoon, I decided to switch up the normal weekday routine and head up to Twin Peaks, the highest point in SF. Usually people drive the way up, but what fun is that? And so I decided to walk up the long, wind-y road; little did I know there were stairs on the other side…

The view from the top was unreal; so worth the trek. Don’t worry – there was ground underneath this ledge 😉


Later in the evening, I got to see Phil!!! Phil spent a short leg of his PNW road trip to visit SF for a night. Ironically, I found out he had also gone up to Twin Peaks earlier in the day with Scott – they drove up and we joked about how I could have saved my legs and hitched a ride 😛

It was beyond refreshing to see one of my best NYC friends again. He had a lot of people to see so killed 10 birds with one stone and we all hung out as a group at Scott’s apartment. I got to meet some new friends through Phil and of course steal some time to catch up with him. Miss him already, but we will see each other again in 1 month at work training in Dallas as we both got promotions recently!

Brunch with Therese + Dolo day + best part of the night

One of my close friends from college, Therese, just moved to Walnut Creek. She was in LA the past two years and so we hadn’t seen each other since graduation. On Saturday, Therese came into SF and we finally got a chance to see each other.

We started with brunch at The Vestry in the Mission. The place was connected to a music venue and had a super tasty non-traditional brunch. I haven’t explored too much of the food scene in SF yet so this was a good excuse to try this trendy spot :).

One of my favorite things about SF culture is how spontaneous people tend to be with plans. In a matter of a few minutes, me and Therese’s low-key picnic plans turned into a group gathering, as people were super down to come out to hang on this nice day.



I was so happy to have Therese meet my favorite people: the Tahoe group, Scott, etc. This was my third time at Dolores park, and it never gets old. Dolo days of drinking and soaking up the sun are what SF is all about 🙂

Later in the evening, a few of us went continued the fun at a bar called Hawthorn for a night of dancing. Then, we ended back in the Marina guys’s apartment, which honestly is always the best part of the night. We order pizza, listen to music, unwind, joke around…week by week I love this group even more. These guys are so fun and inclusive and treat me like their sister…I feel so blessed to have them in my life and especially have a few of them live right next door!!


Fort Funston

I was so excited to see my friend, Kumar, for the first time in a month on Sunday! I met Kumar during my first weekend in SF through Scott, and we instantly connected as friends. He is also the brother + roommate of Vijay (my SF half marathon partner). Kumar is such a caring and open person – I’ve gone to him for advice several times and feel like I can tell him anything. He has definitely been a wonderful friend to have here in SF!

Kumar was travelling all around the past few weeks so I was dying to catch up with him and hear all about his adventures. We decided to walk around Fort Funston which is a lovely beach/park right here in SF. We saw so many hang gliders + parasailers…adding that to the SF bucket list 😉

Most of the paths are sandy and narrow right along the cliffs. Amazing coastal views from the top.


Walking down to the beach below was unlike any other – it felt like quick sand sliding down the hill!


The pretty beach below.


It was a cool, cloudy afternoon and we walked along no particular path chatting away about everything under the sun.



Super sad fact…Kumar is leaving for London in 1 month for grad school :(. Of course it’s sad to see him go, but I’m also very excited for him (definitely understand the excitement/joy/nerves of moving to a new city!). This just means we’ll have to squeeze in more hang out time these next few weeks.

Running update

Recovery from last week’s half marathon was very quick, luckily! I got out to run 4 times this week, sticking with easy 3-4 milers. One of the runs was with Anna – I’m definitely starting to love running with friends!

As far as what’s next…I would LOVE to run a full marathon this fall but am having trouble picking a race in California. The east coast for sure dominates fall marathon season, so the options here are a bit limiting. I need to marinate a bit more and maybe even consider flying out for this fall marathon. For now, I’m trying to stick with running 3-4 times a week to keep a solid base so I can hit the ground running with training soon! (pun intended)

Hope you all have a lovely week!!

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