Yoga day + girls night & apartment christening + pride in SF + week 2 of half training

I have some very happy news…I passed my Spring actuarial exam!!! This blog is well-aware of how much time and energy went into this past exam, and so I was extremely ecstatic to get this one under my belt. And so, last week started off on a very high note 🙂

International Yoga Day

Wednesday was the summer solstice and also international yoga day, and so Anna and I did an early A.M. yoga class together at Equator Coffee in SoMa. I’m not the biggest fan of yoga (it always seems too slow paced for me), but it was free event and a good excuse to get some stretching in, so why not!

Funny story – I arrived 1.5 hours early…the event started at 7:30am but I misread and thought it started at 6:30am…so in my head I was only 30 minutes early, ha! Good thing my office was nearby so I could kill time there.

The class was in the bright and sunny lobby of LinkedIn.


Anna is a big yogi, so it was nice having her next to me as a guide. Overall a fantastic class. I felt so energized afterwards, despite waking up at 5:30am :P.


Saturday: long run + relaxing afternoon + Anna’s new apartment + surprise during night out 

The weekend started off with a long run. I’ve been meaning to check out Golden Gate Park, and so I ran the 3 miles to get there from my apartment (which was pretty strenuous and hilly) + 5 miles in the flat and beautiful park –> total 8 miles.

It was a foggy morning. The park was flat, spacious, quiet…basically Central Park but more open and with less people. I loved being in the midst of all the trees (a change from running along the waterfront of Marina Green), and appreciated the dirt trails on the side of the main road which gave my legs a change of terrain :).

I didn’t feel strong during this one. Took frequent walking breaks and the beginning hills en route to the park ruined me. Nevertheless I was happy to get in these miles and start off the weekend on a healthy note.


After running, I studied a bit in the afternoon at a nearby coffee shop (yes…onto the next exam already!). Then later on I went over to Matt and Karan’s apartment (my Marina friends) to relax. We caught up over the week and then decided to take a walk to Ghiradelli’s ice cream in Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t realize how close we live to the tourist action – it definitely doesn’t feel that way where we are which is super nice.

Enjoying our ice cream and coffee with views of the beach….I ❤ San Francisco.



Afterwards, we split for the evening and I got ready to head over to Anna’s brand new apartment in the Mission. We merged friend groups and she held a fun little pregame / house christening where I got to meet some of her girlfriends.


Then our girls night continued at a club called Audio. I loved this group of fun, down-to-early girls and am so happy to have friends like Anna to introduce me around 🙂

Then…ran into Matt at Audio by surprise!


The night ended back to where we were a few hours ago…me, Matt and Karan chilling at their apartment. Definitely a highlight to relax and hang out with these guys until the sun was up. What a night!

Sunday: Pride parade

Sunday was somewhat of a blur as I was SO tired from the previous night. I did get out of my apartment for a few hours to meet up with Anna and her boyfriend for the SF Pride parade. I felt super excited and sentimental to be celebrating pride in SF…pride originated in SF and there was so much celebration for LGBT rights all week and all around the city.

The parade was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! We were dancing and cheering away to different groups that walked past. So much love and energy.



And that wraps up my week! This week I’m trying to keep things low key as Friday I’ll be taking off to Tahoe for July 4th weekend with Anna and the marina guys. We are all just so excited for this trip and have been hyping it up non-stop 🙂


Week 2 of half marathon training:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 6 miles along the Marina Green (9:27 pace). Super beautiful evening. I felt strong throughout!

Wednesday: Early morning yoga with Anna

Thursday: 3 miles easy along the Marina Green – no music or GPS

Friday: REST

Saturday: 8 mile long run in Golden Gate Park (10:02 pace). Did not feel that great…

Sunday: REST

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