Happy father’s day + half marathon training week 1

This will be the shortest training cycle I’ve ever done. I’ll only have 6 weeks to recap on, but I have a decent base of ~15-20 miles a week, and think it is just enough time to get into half marathon shape. Super excited for the next 6 weeks!!!

SF Half Marathon training week 1 

Monday: 6 mile bike ride. I woke up early on Monday but wasn’t in the mood to run, so I opted to get a few miles in on my new bike. I was still getting use to the bike so didn’t ride too far – 6 very hilly miles in the Presidio. Those hills are killer!

Tuesday: 4 miles split in the Presidio trails and Marina waterfront. Went up and down the famous Lyon Street steps. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger on these hills!


Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run on the Marina waterfront. Straight forward and a solid sweat.

Thursday: REST

Friday: 3 miles easy on the Marina water.

IMG_3025 (1).JPG

Saturday: 8 mile long run – 4 miles in the hilly Presidio + 4 miles on the flat Marina water

IMG_0931 (1).JPG

Sunday: 24 mile long bike ride with Matt

IMG_0966 (1).JPG

Running: 19 miles total

Biking: 30 miles total


Lastly, happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad!! Me and my siblings put together this fun greeting for him – we are all over the world at the moment (Dad in China, brother in Boston, sissy in New York) but this brought us together ❤ Love you all!





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