Free at last, free at last!

Spring exams are DONE!! I can’t describe how happy and free it feels. 4+ months of the study grind is over and OUT. Life after the exam has been pure bliss. Luckily, work has been very light, so I have more free time than I know what to do with…lots of walks around the city, picnics, happy hours (Phil is also done with his exams and we did HH two days in a row!), shopping, seeing friends finally, life is good 🙂

Immediately after my exam, my brain was fried, so all I wanted to do was drink kava tea, lie in Thompson Square Park, listen to music, and have a solo picnic. It was beyond refreshing.

IMG_0455 (1).JPG

Perfect weather here in NYC this past week 🙂

IMG_0453 (1).JPG

I’ve been spending lots of time at the kava tea bar that I love. I’ve made some dear friends from the bar. They’ve been beyond supportive of my exam and were as excited to celebrate me finishing as I was! It’s a small bar – only 10 seats! I’ll miss it so much after moving to SF 😦


I finally saw Michelle for the first time in weeks yesterday. We started off thrift shopping in east village and picked up cannolis along the way.


Followed by ordering from our favorite Thai place, watching tv, and hanging out on my living room couch with my roommate. Michelle had so many entertaining stories to share from her trip to Boston. Nights like these make life feel so easy ❤


Running this week = nada. Taking a break from everything in life for a few days. I definitely want to start running again hopefully this weekend, make progress on moving plans, and most importantly enjoy every ounce of my last 3 weeks living in NYC.

Christine and I are celebrating my freedom by going to a concert in deep Brooklyn tonight that I could not be more excited for! First time partying in approximately 2 months…ha.

Have a great weekend!

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