Calm before the storm

Taking a break from studying to catch up on this week! I spent this past week in my hometown (Poughkeepsie, NY), to focus on studying. It kind of felt like the calm before the storm…the storm being my exam next week and everything afterwards. I know that the minute my exam is over, life is gonna get crazy with moving across the country to San Francisco!

Although most of my week was spent hitting the books, I did get to venture out with Jason for one afternoon of outdoorsy fun. We first went to the Culinary Institute of America to pick up some desserts. My whole life living in this town and this was my first time visiting the CIA…#fail. We went to a bakery that was run by the students – gourmet and delicious!


We took our snacks and picnic-ed at the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park, NY. It’s a beautiful, open historic site with low-key hiking trails and beautiful view of the Hudson River.




Times like these are when I know I’ll miss the east coast, especially my lovely home in the Hudson Valley. It’s such a beautiful and unique part of the country that I’ve appreciated more and more after living in NYC for so many years!


It was so nice to spend time with Jason. Hearing him talk about his life/job (he’s currently pursuing Physician Assistant school!) is so inspiring; his outlook on life is so positive, and I could definitely take a leaf from his book!.

Another highlight of the week – walks with mom! I loved our daily walks around the neighborhood, picking flowers, chatting about life ❤


I’ve been totally hitting up the Ginger Runner Youtube channel this week! I love his videos of different ultra races. So beautiful and inspiring seeing these strong ultrarunners. Also makes me SO excited to move to the west coast and hit up this scenery myself :). His live videos are informative and fun to watch too.


Lastly, I got in a good amount of running this week. 4 miles on Monday, 6 miles on Wednesday, and 4 miles on Friday and Saturday. Trying to keep a decent base for whatever race comes next (I’m thinking a triathlon end of summer…and POSSIBLY the SF marathon in July? Although that is SO soon so we shall see). 🙂

Thanks mom for the photo!


Wish me luck on my exam!!

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