Life post-marathon + rainy running highs + we are the Broad City gals + must watch this documentary

Hey you guys :). What a week it’s been. I always think things will calm down after big races, but life doesn’t work that way, doesn’t it? This has been a crazy intense week filled with lots of work stuff, studying (my actuarial test is one week away…eek!), and lots of good moments in between.

Easy recovery running 

It has been very nice to take a breather from running. Oddly, I felt fully recovered only 3 days after the marathon…usually I’m out of commission for a full week! And so, I took advantage of the full recovery and ran three times this week: easy 3-5 milers along the East River.

On yesterday’s run, it was raining, and so I wore a hat for the first time. I usually don’t like the way I look in hats, but I wanted to keep the rain out of my eyes, and it was a HUGE success! I’ll definitely be rocking my Delaware Marathon hat (from marathon #3) more!


Also, for me, a rainy run = recipe for a running high. I love how my legs move on raining days, like my feet want to spend less time on the ground because of the rain so I’m just moving faster…does anyone else get that??

Coffee shop studying 

All my studying gets me restless staying in one place at once, so I’ve been hopping all over the city studying in different coffee/tea shops! My favorites: Caffe Bene on 13th and A (tons of seating and natural light), Pushcart Coffee on 20th and 2nd, and Kavasutra on 10th and 1st (the kava tea bar I’ve mentioned a few times…I OBSESSED with it. I go almost every day!).

IMG_0277 (1).JPG

Escape the room

Don’t have a picture from this, but on Friday evening, I did Escape the Room with some work friends. They put you in a room and you have to work together to solve puzzles/find clues in the room to get out. It was beyond fun. I love puzzle-solving kinds of things, and we got out in 43 minutes which I thought was impressive ;).

Dysfunctional night with Christine 

The highlight of the week was hanging Christine on Saturday night. Since she’s travelling to D.C. for her project on week days, we both so look forward to our weekend hang outs. Plus trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with her before moving to SF!

I went over to her place around 6:30pm and we ordered sushi, sat on her couch, and talked and talked the night away. Seeing Christine always makes my heart happy.

Our drinks of choice: Christine and cider, me and kava tea!


The night was a ball of hilarious randomness all around. We were all over the place with planning our night, sharing stories from the week, and non stop laughter from god-knows-what. At one point, we looked at the clock for the first time in hours and it was already 11pm. Time just flew with this fun one!! We finally decided on grabbing some ice cream and hanging out with our friend Tommy, who lived nearby.

Don’t mind our weirdness.


We kicked back at Tommy’s apartment, watched some basketball, and continued the fun, low-key evening we were having. We left with Christine bringing back some cooking pots she left at Tommy’s place…the whole night just reminded me of an episode of Broad City :P. Our friendship is very much the Ilana and Abbi dysfunction <3.

One of the happiest nights I’ve had in a very long time.

Much watch this

Leaving with you guys one of my recent favorite documentaries: Life in a Day. It tells the story of 4 amazing ultra-marathon women who compete in Western States, a super prestigious 100-mile endurance run. I’ve been so into learning about ultrarunners lately – they are a whole another level of inspiration 🙂

I’ll be heading on the train later today going back to my hometown in upstate New York for my final week of studying. I love being able to forget about adult responsibilities while I hit the books for this home stretch. And of course, excited to see my lovely family again ❤

Have a grrrr-eat week!!!

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