A video for you! + evening picnic + viewing parties x2

My week in review – here we go!

Monday-Tuesday: last bits of home + jam sessions + solid runs

I was back home in Poughkeepsie in the beginning of the week, working remotely and enjoying the last bits of beautiful, upstate fall before heading back to NYC. The days were filled with walks with mom, re-setting my appetite with healthy food, and getting in some solid, hilly, traffic-less runs under my belt (4 miles Monday, 6 miles Tuesday).

My sister and I love to have jam sessions together. We both play 2380921 instruments, and she is the master of harmonies. Here is a little glance of our messing around 😉


Wednesday: evening picnic + presidential debate + our new show

After work Wednesday, I was more than ecstatic to see Christine for the first time in 2 weeks! (That’s a long time for us) – we really did miss each other.

We opted to enjoy the AMAZING weather (it got up to 80 degrees!!) and have a little picnic in Tompkins Square Park with bubble tea and ice cream. Despite the early sunset, it really felt like summer again and it hit our happy spots. We spent hours catching up on our weeks and life stuff; instant happiness ❤

FullSizeRender (51).jpg

Afterward, we grabbed some Thai take out and headed back to her apartment. We both have been looking for a new show to watch together – we previously had weekly viewing parties for The Bachelorette and Are You The One (can you tell we are sophisticated?), and once those ended we were jumping back and forth trying to find a new show…then we found out the new season of Jane the Virgin just came out! We were stoked that we shared common interest in it and tuned in together. Looks like I have a new excuse to come down to the village every week 😉

Then it was time for the presidential debate. Hilarious. I’m not into politics, so no comments really here.

Thursday: viewing party #2 

4.5 solid miles on the streets/park to cut the day in half.

Later in the evening, I headed to a friend’s apartment just to unwind, chill with his roommates, and watch Silicon Valley. I highly recommend the show – witty, hilarious, informative…we have been ripping through the show and finished season 1 this week!


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