Study break + halloween party + speakeasy + classic K-town catch up

This weekend was overall A+, and just what I needed!

Friday: ice cream study break 

Friday was filled with study study study. Phil is also taking an exam next week, so we took a break in the evening and grabbed ice cream at Sweet Jane’s in Astoria :). Sweet Jane’s is our favorite ice cream spot in the city, thank god I live a short walk from it! They’re closing for the season so we had to run one last time.

Saturday: sushi + Halloween party + speakeasy 

Productive morning of running (3.5 progression miles on the treadmill) and hitting the books.

For dinner, I met up with Richard at Kanoyama for some yummy sushi. I really liked the place! Incredibly good quality sushi at utility prices. Not too long of a wait for a Saturday night too.

FullSizeRender (52).jpg

Then, I headed to Christine’s place as she was throwing a Halloween party. It was costume-less though, thank god. I actually kind of despise Halloween. I hadn’t gone out in ages and was so looking forward to this.

The whole crew was there – Phil, Scott, other work friends, Christine’s bf and room mate, the crew from the Silicon Valley viewing party earlier in the week, and tons of other good friends. I’m so grateful for Christine and her willingness to introduce so many people to me. I remember just a few short months ago at Christine’s housewarming she threw, I only knew Phil and Scott, and now, I felt so at home at this party hanging out with familiar faces.

After the party, we went to a speakeasy close by called Cabin Down Below. I love the concept of speakeasies, but tend to avoid them because they are typically overhyped and overpriced in NYC. I must say though, I LOVED this one!! It wasn’t too crowded and had a nostaligic, oldies feel.

The night ended with dollar pizza. A sign of a good night 😉

Sunday: K Town catch up

Sunday just flew by. Most of it was spent napping. I snuck in some studying on my roof for a change in scenergy (this picture makes my roof look like Antarctica)

FullSizeRender (53).jpg

Afterward, I hopped on my bike for the first time in forever and made my way down to K Town for dinner with Scott, Phil and Christine. We did our classic K-Town food court meal, our fave. It was such a treat to get the four of us together; there’s never an end to chatting and laughing away. We ended with some yummy froyo.

Such a nice end to the week seeing my people <3. Also getting in some bike miles was super refreshing on this brisk fall night.


The next time you hear from me I’ll be a free woman!!! Wish me luck!

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