FINALLY a race + running update 

Considering I dedicated this blog to running, I really haven’t been talking about running a whole lot lately. So I wanted to give y’all a brief update on how things are going on that front!

First off – I FINALLY signed up for a half marathon!! I’ll be running the NYCRuns Falling Leaves Half in Flushing Meadow Park on November 12. I couldn’t be more excited!!! I’ve been averaging 15-20 miles a week this fall, which puts me in a good spot to run a half marathon after my exam. I know I wanted to do a fall half marathon and took me long enough to commit to one 😉 just need another 1-2 long runs under my belt and I should be set!


Now for some reflection…

I made the decision at the end of summer to opt out of a fall marathon because 1) I wanted some down time after my triathlon 2) I wanted to focus on my exam 3) I wanted to put social life higher on the list of priorities and have a more relaxing season compared to my last two marathons. Marathon season ALWAYS coincides with exam season, which means for ~2-3 months, my life is pretty hectic, with every minute in the day dedicated to something. This time, I just wanted to chillax for once and have 2-3 priorities instead of 17.

After reflecting on the past few weeks, I’m overall glad I took time to recuperate for a season. I definitely had a lot of down time learned a lot about myself…and what I learned is: I NEED TO STAY BUSY. I definitely thrive when I have goals, and I think I appreciated the past few crazy marathons seasons over this chiller one. I definitely don’t regret not running one this time as it would have a been a tight turnover.

I also find that when I’m exercising regularly, it translates to other parts of my life. Lately, because of all my free time, I’ve been more lazy and it’s been hard to motivate myself to study, eat healthy, and take care of myself; back when I couldn’t afford to waste any minute of the day, efficiency was key and I was much more disciplined, motivated, and healthy.

So excited to look into Spring marathons and get into the training grind soon!!

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