Adjusting back to RV life + some life news

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind, and one piece of news was at the forefront of it all…


Joe got a job offer in the Bay which is our reason for moving back. We were both so excited when he landed it, and my heart flooded with excitement knowing that we now have a reason to move back to SF – the city where we met and our favorite city in the world. The past few months have been filled with uncertainty as we were figuring out the next step of our lives, and it feels SO good to have some direction and peace of mind now.

I’m so grateful we had this time in Texas – the mild winter, our friends and Joe’s family, and the pace of life were truly what we wanted during this period. But when Joe got the offer and told me that we needed to be in SF, my heart immediately said “this feels right.” A huge part of me missed SF and I know it will be the right “home” for us.

We are still planning logistics, but things are likely to move quickly, so get ready for some cross-country moving content soon. 😉

Joe and I went to a nice seafood dinner to celebrate his new job.

Another piece of good news was that we got our trailer back from Camping World! After 2 months of repairs, we finally got it back with everything done correctly. I could write a novel about our experience working with them, but I’ll spare you all the complaints. We are just so happy to live in our trailer again and put this experience behind us.

After getting our RV back, we moved all our stuff back in and moved to an RV park. We absolutely loved living with Sam and Christina on their land in the countryside while the RV was in the shop, but for our final weeks in Texas, it will be nice to be closer to civilization as we prepare for the move. Also being closer to Joe’s family is a plus. 🙂

Our RV park is on a beautiful farm. There are sheep, cows, and open fields of peaceful farmland. Can’t complain.

We also brought our cats back!! Ben and Ellie lived with Joe’s parents during the RV repairs, and we missed them like crazy. It’s so nice to have our fur-babies back as well as all the entertainment and cuteness they bring.

Off to enjoy our final weeks in Texas. Be well and hope to see you back here soon!

6 thoughts on “Adjusting back to RV life + some life news

  1. Hello.
    Congratulations on your big news! Moving back to your favorite city for your partner’s job offer sounds like the perfect opportunity for your next adventure. It’s great to hear that you had a lovely time in Texas, and that you were able to resolve the issue with your trailer. Enjoy your final weeks in Texas and have a safe move back to San Francisco with your cats. Looking forward to reading about your cross-country moving content!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Gail.☺️ That’s so nice to hear how you found my blog and how it’s all coming full circle. Hopefully you’ll take another trip to SF soon.

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  2. Congratulations on your big news! Moving back to San Francisco sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I’m happy for you both. It’s also great to hear that you have your trailer back and your cats with you. Enjoy your final weeks in Texas and good luck with the move!

    ~ Vika

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    1. Thank you for the wishes! I’m excited to get back to SF and have some stability again. Hope you’re having a great week😄


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