Valentine’s double date + afternoon in McKinney + an outdoorsy week

Hello, hello! This past week was filled with good moments, mostly centered around getting outside and hanging with our roommates.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. Joe, Sam, Christina, and I went out for a double date in Sherman (the closest town to Sam and Christina’s home, 30 minutes away). We went to a poke spot, which we later realized was converted from a frozen-yogurt shop. 😉 We had a lovely, low-key Valentine’s day together. This was Joe’s and my 4th Valentine’s Day, and it was extra special this year because we got to share it with friends. Last year, I was just starting my gap year in Cambodia on Valentine’s Day, so I was just happy to be together this year. ❤

Another outing – Joe and I also met up with his sister, Anna, in McKinney. We caught up over lunch and enjoyed the sunny weather. 🙂

McKinney is a super cute town with a large square filled with boutique clothing stores, eateries, and unique shops. I loved the vibe, and it felt good to walk around town which was a huge contrast to our home in the countryside right now.

We spent some time in a funky hippie store – it reminded me of my days living in the Haight in SF.

Another highlight of the week – going on a hike. About 10 minutes from the house is a large, wooded park right along a river; you can see Oklahoma right across the river. It’s a peaceful gem right by our home. This was our second time doing this hike, and I told Joe we should do this hike more often because it was so rejuvenating and surprisingly nice.

For the first time in a few years, I joined a gym! Christina brought me to her gym in Sherman; we did a yoga class together, and I signed up that day. Ever since the pandemic, I’ve preferred home workouts, but I’ve been looking for more reasons to get out of our home as there is only so much job hunting I can do every day. Even though the 30-minute drive isn’t super convenient, I’m excited to start adding this to my routine. Plus, the gym is nice and spacious, which feels like a treat coming from tiny studios in SF.

We were due for a cat visit. 😉 Ben is living his best life without us while Ellie missed us like crazy.

We were hashtag blessed with good weather a few days last week, so we spent a lot of time outside. Lots of time on the porch and walks around the property.

Leaving you with my weekly dump of cute Mordecai photos. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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