Hi everyone! For this week’s post, I’m borrowing an idea from Peanut Butter Fingers, a blogger I’ve been following for years. I love her “Currently” series and thought I would try a similar post here. Just read along and you’ll see what it’s about. 🙂

Currently watching: Physical 100

A few weeks ago, Christina put on this show, and within 5 minutes, our entire house was hooked. Physical 100 is a South Korean reality show on Netflix where 100 contestants do physical challenges, and each one eliminates contestants until they reach a winner. It’s so impressive to see all the different profiles and body types competing – from bodybuilders, to cross fitters, to MMA fighters, to gymnasts, to dancers, to everyday people. I love that there isn’t one single profile who is simply the fittest, and tasks like who can hang off a bar the longest determine the winner. I also love that the women compete with the men together. This has become an instant hit in our household, and we all love to tune in together for new episodes each Tuesday.

Currently embarking on: a healthy hair journey

I’ve always loved lighter hair on me. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 19, but after a decade, I’m going back to my natural black hair! My last dye was in July of last year when I asked for a light-brown balayage, and after that visit, my hair transformed into hay. I had so much breakage and lost all my shine, and I now have to put in 3x of the usual maintenance just to keep my hair intact. And so, I’ve decided to transition back to my natural hair, and I’m so excited to have it back!

In the meantime, I’ve started a healthy hair journey, as I’m trying to focus on improving my hair health over its appearance. I was introduced to hair oils when I traveled to India last year, and I was inspired by so many people around the world using different oils to improve hair health. I’m all about natural solutions, and I’ve been loving argon oil in my hair. I usually apply a few drops to day-1 hair. I’ll also soak my hair for 1 hour before washing my hair on day-3. I don’t think argon oil can permanently change the strength of hair, but it’s certainly helping me get through this transition period.

Currently practicing: piano

Sam and Christina’s house is filled with instruments, and one of my favorite ways to pass the time has been practicing piano. Piano is my favorite instrument as I took lessons throughout my childhood, but I haven’t kept up with it in my adult life as I’ve never taken the plunge to buy my own piano having lived in tiny apartments in NYC and SF. It’s been so lovely to pick up one of my hobbies again, and Joe and I agreed that the next apartment we live in will definitely have a piano!

Just for fun: here is a picture of me at a piano competition when I was 5 years old. Also pictured is my first piano teacher – she was very intense!

Currently seeking: better sleep

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a weird sleep cycle where for ~4-5 weeks, I don’t get good sleep (insomnia, waking up frequently, swirling thoughts at night)…and then after accumulating enough sleep debt, my body crashes and I’ll sleep well for 1 week. Then rinse and repeat. I’ve been doing more research lately on why this happens, and I’d love to get to the bottom of this and figure out a solution after so many years. I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but if you do, please write to me! I would love any tips!

Currently listening to: Normal Gossip Podcast

I was looking for a new podcast and saw Normal Gossip on several lists of “best podcasts of 2022.” I decided to give it a listen, and I was instantly hooked! Each episode of Normal Gossip tells a funny gossip-like story about an ordinary anonymous person, and even though you don’t have a connection to them, it feels like you’re hearing gossip about a close friend. I love everything about the podcast: the host, the stories she tells, and how she delivers the stories. For those who are looking for an easy listen and who gravitate towards reality show drama, put this show in your queue!

Currently pondering: a small road trip

Last but not least, Joe and I have been talking about taking our trailer out for a small road trip in a few weeks. We really miss traveling as we haven’t really used our RV since our Southern USA road trip at the end of last year. Our trailer is in the repair shop right now, and we are counting the days until we get it back. I don’t want to share all our grievances on this blog, but in short, our experience with Camping World has been a huge hassle. All the work we requested was done incorrectly, so we had to bring it in a second time! That on top of endless delays, miscommunication, and terrible customer service…let’s just say this has been a huge test of our patience.

Fortunately, we feel like we’re in the home stretch, and the moment we get our trailer back, we cannot wait to get on the road again. While we’re still figuring out jobs and the next step of our lives, we do want to continue living our lives during this process, and it feels good to have something to look forward to. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I was actually intrigued by Physical 100 too, but the editing, gah. Korean style reality TV always has these ‘repeat moments’, where the sound keeps repeating, and they keep including the past two seconds, and it throws me for a loop, that style, lol. Not sure if I’m describing this the best I can. But yeah, that’s like a kinder version of Squid Game and is pretty cool!


    1. I know exactly what you mean! The editing is pretty repetitive. And yes it’s like a real life squid game haha😄 definitely worth watching.


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