Family time in upstate New York

Happy Monday! I’m currently blogging from my hometown, Poughkeepsie, NY, where I’ve been this past week visiting my family. Now that I live on the west coast, seeing my family is more difficult, so I’m definitely treasuring all the quality time during my three weeks here.

Last week, our home had myself, mom, dad and little sissy. I haven’t been home since the holidays, and it sure is a treat to be in New York during the summer for once. The warmth and lush scenery in Poughkeepsie has instantly brightened my mood – after experiencing several gloomy cold summers in SF, I knew the east coast was where I wanted to be this month.

Since I am still working west coast hours, I have the mornings to myself and am working afternoons/evenings. I take a walk every morning around the neighborhood, catching up on the news and enjoying the scenery. We live in the suburban part of Poughkeepsie, and in our little neighborhood there are flowers, creeks, animals, and beautiful nature to appreciate.

Poughkeepsie has several historical estates that are now landmarks that attract locals and tourists. One of my favorites is Locust Grove, an estate that is open to the public with a beautiful garden and network of trails leading to the Hudson River. Mom, sissy and I walked around last week, marveling at the flowers and going on a short hike.

I usually come here in the dead of winter so it was at treat to see the estate full of life and greenery.

Another one of our favorite walking spots – Vassar College. I think Vassar is the most beautiful campus in America. It is filled with picturesque historical architecture and forrestry. There is even a small lake with a nice walking path around it. Mom and I took a stroll over the weekend and it never gets old.

Sissy and I had a dinner date at our favorite sushi spot in town called Bonsai. To this day, I have not found as high-quality and reasonably priced sushi restaurant anywhere else. This is hands down my favorite sushi spot and attracts a lot of people in our hometown.

Some shopping of course. I don’t really like shopping for clothes in San Francisco because the stores are smaller and more cramped, so I usually do all my shopping when I come home. 😛

Time always flies quickly while I’m home. This past week was lovely but I’m really looking forward to the week ahead as my brother is joining us and Joe will fly in as well.

Have a wonderful week!

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