Quiet time in San Francisco sandwiched between travel

Hello my favorite internet friends! I can’t believe we’re already into August. After coming back from our month in Mexico, I basically went into hibernation mode these last two weeks for a few reasons.

First, it’s the only time I have before another month of travel. I’ll be on the east coast in New York and Maine for the rest of August and into September. That meant lots of unpacking, errands, and repacking while soaking up quality time in San Francisco. It sure felt good to be back in my studio in the quirky Haight.

Flowers on Haight street

Second, despite the fact that Mexico was a pretty relaxing trip, I felt SO tired when I got back. I think there are a lot of small things you need to deal with when traveling that added up and made me feel beat when we came back. I slept a ton and wanted nothing more than to be lazy on the couch.

Selfie on the couch

I was so excited to reunite with my plant babies. It’s always nice to take an extended vacation and come back to see their growth. Rene took care of them when I was gone and she did a fabulous job. Some of my propagation started to take off like this one – this is a pothos plant cut from the big one in the back. Pothos do very well in my apartment and are one my favorite house plants!

Pothos propagation

This monstera propagation has also started to root. This one takes more patience as it will probably need ~3 months in water before being potted. All the more reason to take off and travel – so I’m not staring at my plants all day. 😛

I missed this chonker! Joe’s cats are the first pets I’ve truly gotten attached to, so I sure missed them while I was away. I tried soaking in all the kitty time before taking off again.

Cat lying on the ground
Cat portrait

Between work, relaxing, and errands, the days flew by and suddenly it’s time to take off again. I’ll be in upstate New York visiting my family for the next 3 weeks. I’m going on my own first and Joe will join the last week, and then we’ll head to Maine for Labor Day weekend.

Suitcase packed for next trip

Be well and safe stay, my friends. ❤

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