Hometown things + meeting my dog nephew + my 28th birthday

I don’t know about you, but with Labor Day right around the corner, all I want to do is soak up the last bit of summer. Luckily I’ve been in upstate New York these last 2 weeks where it’s been absolutely lovely as I’ve been surrounded by family and enjoying the east coast summer. I have a few highlights to share since we last spoke.

First, my brother came home last week and brought his 6-month old corgi (named Constantine). I was so excited to meet my dog-nephew and he quickly stole my heart. I was never really a big dog person my whole life, but that all changed after I met this one…(get ready for a photo dump).

Our whole family loves Constantine so much. We all fought for his time and tried to get as much bonding as possible.

We have a spacious front yard and Constantine was in heaven running around (my brother lives in Pittsburgh where there’s less room).

He loves standing on his back legs. I’ve never seen a dog stand up so much – he can balance for like 10 seconds!

We brought Constantine to the dog park and he was one happy camper.

Our daily walks were my favorite. Mom and I took walks every day together during my visit and it felt great to have Constantine join us. ❀

Joe flew in on Friday to meet my family. Constantine loved him right away of course. πŸ˜›

Over the weekend, we did a few hometown things as this was Joe’s first time visiting Poughkeepsie. One of our favorite activities was the Walkway Over the Hudson River. This is a fairly new site in town and I remember when we first visited it was literally just a bridge with a janky entrance from the street. Since then, it has turned into quite the attraction with a gift shop, concession stand, art sculptures, etc. It was nice to see this favorite hometown spots come such a long way.

My siblings πŸ™‚ This was our first time together since the holidays.

Lastly, it was my birthday! We celebrated on Saturday since that was when my whole family was together. A family friend made this amazing birthday cake for me – it was a light sponge cake with whip cream and it hit the spot.

Joe was so sweet and brought decorations from SF which made things more festive.

My 28th birthday was simple and surrounded by my favorite people. It was also the first time celebrating with my family in over 10 years!

The last 2 weeks flew by (as it always does when I’m home), and now Joe and I are heading to Maine for the last leg of our trip. Joe used to live in Maine so I’m excited to see his old stomping grounds and enjoy the secluded scenery. πŸ™‚

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