Filming something special + girl’s day feat. Soul Cycle and Sausalito + showing up that matters

Happy start to another week! After coming back from our weekend trip to Carmel last weekend, I kept it pretty low key last week. I feel like any trip, even local ones, takes energy out of you and sleeping in your own bed feels so great after :P. By the time the weekend hit, I was ready to be social again and continue exploring local gems of my new neighborhood.

Friday: Dinner in neighborhood-y Cole Valley

Joe came over Friday after work, and we decided to treat ourselves and grab dinner outdoors. We walked a short few blocks to Cole Valley and found a bar/restaurant with ample seating on the sidewalk. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m so happy to live in the Haight which is neighbors to Cole Valley. I never even heard of Cole Valley before living here (it’s super small and undiscovered), and for that reason it is filled with locals only and not bougie at all (which is rare in SF). The cozy neighborhood feel keeps me coming back. Our dinner was so satisfying and the perfect start to our weekend.

Outdoor dinner in cole valley sf

Saturday: filming something special + picnic at Golden Gate Park + Buena Vista walk

Saturday morning was a fun one. After our morning coffee, Joe and I finally got started on a long-anticipated project…filming a tour of my new studio apartment! I’ve been waiting for all the decor to be fully ready before filming, and now that it’s in a good spot, we were so excited to get out the camera and film. It ended up being a lot of fun as we got lots of good footage and some funny bloopers as well :). I can’t wait to post this video and show you guys the new pad.

In case you didn’t know, Joe is a very talented film maker (look at all his equipment!). Joe actually worked for a non-profit in Colombia a few years ago doing video and website design work. One of the many things I love about Joe ❀

Fancy filming equipment

We finished filming by mid-morning and took a break. After lunch, we went outside to catch some sun in Golden Gate Park. After a month of living here, I’m starting to feel like a local knowing the best parks/restaurants/etc to hang out. We set a picnic blanket at the conservatory of flowers and relaxed after our morning of hard work.

Selfie in golden gate park winter picnic
Sun bathing conservatory of flowers SF

After Golden Gate park, we rested a bit more at the apartment, and then we went right back out to catch the sunset at Buena Vista Park. I bet you can tell by now Joe and I will do whatever it takes to chase the sun :). We walked around slowly and stopped to look at all the plants and flowers like an old couple πŸ˜›

SF Buena Vista park lookout
Sunset walk in Buena Vista Park

The rest of the evening was spent on the couch watching a movie and ordering from our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Sunday: Soul Cycle + lunch in Sausalito

On Sunday, I had a fun day planned with Rene and Rachel: we headed up to Marin for an outdoor Soul Cycle class! Rachel found the outdoor studio, and it was a fun way to spice up my typical home workouts. This was my first in-person class since COVID, and overall I had a lot of fun and felt like they did a good job making everyone feel safe.

Outdoor spin class during covid in Marin

I did a lot of spin classes when I lived in NYC 4 years ago, and I remember they always felt pretty easy for me since I was marathon training and my cardio was in tip top shape back then…well yesterday’s class was not that case and it kicked me in the butt! It’s funny how activities that used to feel easy for our bodies can be difficult over time, or vice versa. I think it’s important to not be hard on yourself or compare to your past self. Even though I was struggling with the cardio, I was so much more confident with the weights portion of the class due to my at-home yoga/pilates classes lately. Our bodies are constantly changing and it’s showing up that matters.

Soul cycle spin bike

After spin class, we headed over to Sausalito to grab brunch. We joked we felt like all the other bougie Marin moms in our class, but sometimes you got to treat yourself. πŸ˜› We ate at Bar Bocce, which is a cute restaurant on the Sausalito waterfront, and we found a nice spot right on the beach area. It was so nice to catch up with the girls and enjoy the afternoon together in the sun. I’m so glad Rene/Rachel have been constants in my life and are always down to try new things, especially during COVID when everyone’s friend circle have become more selective.

Goofy friends having picnic brunch
Picnic on Sausalito beach

And just like that we turn the page to another week. I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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