Haircuts, picnics, Chinese bakery, tik tok, and gardening

We are on our 8th week of quarantine in SF, and just learned the city is extending shelter-in-place for one more month. Staying at home with Joe and the cats have become completely normal to us now. Our spirits are high, and we’ve even embarked on some new activities to spruce up the usual hikes and walks around the block.

I brushed up on my hair cutting skills and gave Joe a haircut! I’ve been cutting hair for years, but am much more comfortable doing women’s hair. Cutting for Joe was quite the experiment but all-in-all I think it turned out well! Looks like he won’t need to spend money on a barber again ;).

I may have gone overboard around the ears 😛 #practicemakesperfect

Male haircut

The latest development in SF is that the chilly winter has finally transitioned into warm Spring. That meant picnics galore over the last 2 weeks.

Our favorite spot is Golden Gate Park.

Girl on picnic blanket Golden Gate Park
Couple on picnic blanket

We had a cartwheel contest.

Joe and I went on a little adventure to his old stomping grounds, Daly City. We were on the hunt to find a hole in the wall bakery called Star Bread, but turned out they were closed so we settled for a Chinese bakery. Turned out to be a huge blessing since the red bean buns were to DIE for.

Daly city bakery
Chinese bakery

Lots of time on my new blades! Also my boredom reached a new level as I downloaded tiktok 😛

Of course, lots of time spent hiking in fresh air.


Joe is quite the avid gardener and he’s been doing a lot of great work on the backyard shared with the rest of the apartment. I love watching him care for his plants, many which he has grown from seeds. The backyard is truly turning into a green garden paradise. ❤

Garden backyard

That’s all the happenings from my little corner of quarantine! How have you been keeping busy?!

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