Post-travel and summer blues + after-burn show

And in a blink of an eye…summer is over! Is anyone seriously depressed about that fact or is it just me?

Last week was a weird, emotional, yet uplifting one…I’m usually okay transitioning after big trips, but after Nicaragua I had major post-travel blues. I think it stemmed from the larger fact that my crazy summer is over, and while I’ve been longing for some stillness, I can’t help but already be nostalgic for all the fun weekend trips, parties, shows, and other shenanigans that truly made summer 2019 one of the most memorable ones yet.

Another reason for my post-travel blues is the fact that each trip I go on, whether it’s a long international solo trip or a small weekend trip with friends, they all are slowly building this undeniable longing in my heart to do something BIG and see the world while I’m young, single and full of energy. It all started after Thailand last year (my first international solo trip that changed my life!)…and this feeling is only getting stronger and stronger. I know I’m not ready yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 2020 brings out some big life changes on that front 😉

Last but not least, the end of summer means I have to start planning my fall. I typically enjoy planning things (I literally have a spreadsheet called “life planning” that’s my bread and butter), but for some reason, I don’t have my usual motivation to enter this next chapter since the previous one was so wonderful! After coming back from Nicaragua, I wanted nothing more than to take a few days to soak up all the memories before thinking about the future. I knew when the time was right, I’d be ready to charge forward.

Blues aside, I was lucky to have an easy work week and several activities last week to welcome me back into SF life. First off, my boss and I both celebrated our birthdays at work last week – each throwing each other thoughtful surprise events! I baked him my famous triple-chocolate-Oreo-birthday-brownies, and he got me a chocolate mousse cake. I felt so appreciated!

The main event of the weekend was going to a deep house show at Public Works with Anna and Rene. Anna just came back from Burning Man and found an “after-burn” event – totally right up our ally! The three of us caught up over drinks at Rene’s apartment and recapped each of our equally crazy months of August. I had LA + spiritual retreat + Nicaragua, Anna had Japan + Burning Man, and Rene had her birthday trip + work events –> I love that we are all so supportive of each other doing our thang, and can come together like no time has passed! We can go from serious conversations to tearing it up on the dance floor in two seconds flat. I can’t think of any other friends who are such great company and always on the same page with these things as Anna and Rene. ❤

Oh I forgot to mention, Anna is moving to NYC NEXT WEEK!! *All cry*. It’s a reality that has only begun sinking in these past few days (which is also responsible for my post-travel sadness…). I thought we had more time as we filled our final summer with countless fun bucket list activities, and it’s hard to believe that in less than a week my best friend won’t be living so close anymore and that we won’t be spending every weekend together…we have a few things to look forward to this final week in SF, and I’m trying to focus on these precious last moments before it’s goodbye!

The night itself was a super fun one! It definitely felt somewhat like a last hurrah as we all partied real hard. Needless to say, the next day we were all completely useless. I stayed in bed until a pretty shameful hour, and finally got out to chill at the kava lounge and hang out with Anna at night. We caught up over the previous night’s shenanigans and she gave me a bunch of clothes that she was getting rid of – I was grateful for this one-on-one time over wine + some new items for my wardrobe!

Sunday was a chill one. I slept in, went for a run (I was super delinquent with running over the summer and hoping to get back into a regular training schedule again), and chilled at Alamo Square Park with my new kindle. I’m super excited about this purchase. With my recent and frequent traveling, I thought it made sense to take the plunge and finally get a kindle. I’ve never been the biggest bookworm but recently I got bored with Netflix and took on reading instead – in Nica I had so much downtime that I finished a lot of material and have been hooked on reading (and the kindle) ever since!

Wishing you all lots of peace and joy this week!

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